Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet Luke

Back in June, we tearfully (or at least I was in tears) had to give Dixon to a new home in Dallas. He had a strange aggresive streak we just couldn't work out of him, so we found him a place that works with dogs who have been abused in the past. It made me cry and think we were failures at dog parenting. I really didn't know if I ever wanted to get a dog again; I felt like we just gave up on Dixon. Chet really wanted a dog and asked for one several times. We used restraint on many puppies over the last couple months, and were waiting for the "right" one. Well, God blessed us with friends, the Casons, who gave us their very sweet and gentle Golden Retriever puppy. So we are trying the dog parenting thing again, and already love it!! He's melted our hearts.

Meet Luke: