Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lots of cleaning and organizing! :)

I'll be posting final pics of Holden's room oh so soon!! Stormy ordered me the Uppercase Living words for above the crib, which made me totally motivated right now! I've been moving furniture all day and re-arranging. I'm just needing to go to some antique/2nd hand stores and find a little bookshelf. I think something a little eclectic might do. Eclectic and CHEAP!

We were also extremely blessed with the Shuffields' sofa, loveseat and chair! (See picture of the couch above in the Shuffield's house) Heather is giving our two couches and old chair a home, so it is a double blessing! As soon as Chet gets home, our living room will be transformed. (I have moved too much furniture for the day. I think my doctor would be yelling at me if she knew all I have done!) Pics of our "new" living room coming soon as well.
We watched Riley Shuffield in the live performance of "The Jungle Book" last night in San Angelo, after getting the furniture in Brady. It was sooo fun and he did great. Made for a very, very late night though!!!
Today is a BUSY BUSY day! =)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Shower

First off, this is the most pictures I've ever attempted to blog at once. We shall see how this works! They are WAY out of order, because I'd accidently delete one and then need to re-add it. One day I will get the hang of this!

My baby shower was this past Saturday, July 24th. It was the most amazingly wonderful shower I've EVER been to! I had nine hostesses who obviously put hours and hours and hours into planning and creating the shower! My sister, who is the most loving and talented person I know, had so many "extras" that just meant the world to me! We are blessed more than words can describe by our friends and families!! Holden is so spoiled and loved already! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! It was a bit overwhelming bringing all the amazing gifts home. I still haven't organized and finished putting everything away, but at least I'm getting there.

My sister and her precious baby Cohen, and my two great friends Brittney and Blair stayed with me all weekend. Brittney and Blair just left this morning. We had a great time just relaxing and even made a quick trip to Lubbock yesterday. Charys, Brittney and Blair helped unpack my gifts, which was so sweet since I was exhausted! Getting back to reality and work today was a bit tough after being spoiled all weekend!

This first picture was supposed to be at the bottom. I am still deciding on whether we want his "Holden" sign above the crib or Uppercase Living words that say "Every good and perfect gift is from above....Holden Newell". We shall see.... Sweet cousin Brooke and Griffin!

These cute cupcakes were just as yummy as they were good looking!! My amazing sister made the toppers and the "thank you" water bottles.
More of the yummy cupcakes. There was chocolate ganache, lemon cream and Italian cream. OMG I am STILL enjoying them (we had many left that they held back for me!) ;)

Isn't my cake so cute?? Sweet Kathy Guany and Trudi Bannister made it for me! Holden will love looking at pictures of his horsey cake one day!

Look at all the yummy food! What a spread!

The "welcome table". The Blessing Book by Shuffield Photography for Holden was so special to have there!

Jaci pinning on my corsage. These things are NOT easy to do! Jennifer did great picking it out though, because I'm not a corsage person and I really loved this one!

Cutie pies! Cousins Shelbi and Emerson

Jaci and Renee (two of my great friends and hostesses)

Beautiful flowers from Stormy and more beautiful decor from my sister!

The best sister in the ENTIRE world!! She was the backbone of this entire shower!

Yes, something is in the water in Snyder! lol Kali, Taren, me, Ashley and Amber all pregos!

More belly shots. Kali is due November 4th, Taren is due October 10th, I'm due September 1-6th ish, Ashley is due August 12th (but will have her blessing on the 2nd!) and Amber is due September 24th (I think). I may be a little off on dates, but I think I got them right.

Sweet guests!
Kathy Gauny (aka Memaw) and my precious nephew Cohen who MELTS MY HEART!

Me talking...doing what I love best haha

Okay, so these pics are a little out of order ;). More of Jaci and the corsage.

My boss Rachael, sweet friend and hostess Audra, sister in law Carrie and sweet friend Leslie.

Special friends of mine, Amy and Kristen and Kristen's two cuties, Ally and Madisyn.

Jaci and Renee.

More sweet friends.

Jennifer hard at work at the gift table. I find opening gifts in front of people terribly awkward, so my sweet hostesses granted me my wish to open the gifts for me. I think it gave me a lot more time to socialize too!

Can you believe all the gifts?! Totally amazing!! Look at the cute "Welcome Baby Holden" sign my sister made! We are going to hang it in the hospital when he comes. :)

Words can never describe how much my twin sister means to me! (Reese in the background. He was such a big help and lasted through a girly shower all day!)Yeah, more prego pics.

Guests enjoying all the food and fellowship.

Me sitting at one of my friends' tables. In the background table you can see Brittney and Blair.
Me stuffing my face with the deliciousness. ;)

Sweet church friends and more! Look at precious Charli in Melanie's hands! (Charli is Brooke's new little baby girl. Brooke is sitting right beside Melanie, kind of hard to see.)

This adorable little girl is Ally! She's Kristen's youngest.

Pretty little Madisyn!

My great friend and hostess Audra, with her new little baby Rhyder!

Isn't she a gorgeous mommy and he such a handsome little guy?!

Carrie! I love my sister in law!!


Gifts galore!

Chet's family enjoying conversation.

Precious Emerson.

Stormy's little Asher. This 1 year-old is absolutely the happiest sweetest little guy!

7 of my 9 hostesses. We missed Valerie so much! Audra must have been feeding Rhyder or something, because she sadly didn't make the photo. Stormy, Jaci, Charys, me, Renee, Brooke, Jennifer and Trudi.

Talking to the lovely ladies!

NOW look at how much stuff I need to organize! This is "undone". I am planning on finding the perfect "spot" for all of these wonderful gifts asap!

More room pics thus far.