Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He did it again! ;)

Mommy's little boy is liking to give us a little scare here and there. I think we are going to have our hands full with Mr. Holden when he arrives!!

Our regular check up was at 9:30am yesterday. Dr. Perales noticed Holden's heart rate was very low, so she brought a different Doppler in to just "make sure". It still dipped each time he made a movement. She decided she didn't like how low it got so she sent me to antepartum/L&D for monitoring.

I was only there for only about 2 hours, and his heart rate ended up getting up to 140 for 20 minutes consistently. They also noticed I was still having contractions every 5 minutes, so she laid me on my left side and I drank lots of water. The contractions never went away, so they are going to have me go in every single Monday and Thursday to the Covenant antepartum area for stress test monitoring.

This Thursday evening we go in at 8pm to and will probably get an ultrasound as well, to just check on all of Holden's current stats. They want to make sure he's not in distress, since his heart rate is dipping like it is. They are going to decide on Thursday if I will be on modified bed rest. Yuck!! :( I'll take it super easy until then so that doesn't happen! Holden will likely make his appearance a little earlier than planned, but we know God is taking care of him! He's officially 33 weeks today, which is a healthy mark to reach.

My fundus measured at 30 weeks; another reason for the u/s on Thursday. Dr. Perales wants to make sure Holden hasn't stopped growing. We will get another big [and hopefully final] ultrasound at our specialist's office on August 2nd, (two weeks from now) when we have our normal check up.

My bags will be packed from now on. :) I do love my little trouble maker so much!!

Today I decided to eliminate all things that could possibly be causing the stress on Holden and contractions. I didn't take a walk last night, and probably won't be taking any walks from now on. I also only drank 1/2 cup of coffee today (this is BIG for me!) and will try to wean myself COMPLETELY by the end of the week. yikes. (No, my doctor isn't making me give up coffee..this is all voluntary.) Cleaning might be out the door too; or maybe just major cleaning. So excuse my house if you walk in and it looks like rats instead of humans inhabit our abode. I am trying to relax as much as possible.

The best thing I love to remember is this: My amazing Saviour, who created the entire universe, and MADE and GIVES Holden LIFE, and loves him even more than I do - has him in His hands!! So Holden couldn't possibly be safer and more loved!!!


This Sunday I turned 27. I have never had a birthday that I felt so incredibly loved!! On Thursday night, I was blessed by a delicious (quite possible the most delicious) pineapple upside down cake from Maria and Sean D. Totally felt loved by that sweet gesture! On Friday, Ashley O. brought me our first "family frame", which is so pretty and matches perfect with our stuff. It meant so very much! My in-laws got me my first maternal massage (YAY!!!!), so I can't wait to use it! My coworkers are the absolute best, and they bought me a plaque that says "Children are the anchor that holds a mother to Life". Isn't that precious?!?! I've also never had a birthday where I have received so many sweet notes, cards and phone calls. I am just overwhelmed by the kindness of my friends!! And today, I am going to lunch with many of Snyder friends!! See...aren't I blessed? I spent my actual birthday relaxing and catching up at the house (exactly my wish). It felt so nice to not be obligated to do anything, since Saturday was busy with a baby shower and Tupperware party. This whole birthday thing is lasting a week ... and I love it. lol!

These past two weekends we had beautiful baby showers for Renae H. and Ashley O. They were both so much fun and I am loving all the babies around here!! Soon I will steal some pictures from their showers to post. (Jaci is the photographer!)

Next weekend is my baby shower. I know that my 9 hostesses have put such an incredible amount of work into the shower! It will be the most amazing shower... ever, I'm sure!! I'm SO excited about my sister, her baby Cohen and my friends Brittney and Blair staying at my house for the weekend!

Again, I'm just overwhelmed with blessings!

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