Saturday, July 3, 2010

30 weeks 3 days

We went in for our last planned ultrasound of our pregnancy yesterday, July 2nd. It was supposed to be a big 4D ultrasound with lots of great pictures, but our sweet little Holden decided to be a little stubborn again and hide his face in my hip bone. :) We did happen to get a few okay shots...check out those CHEEKS!!! He weighs approximately 3 lbs. 6 oz. and I do believe a pound of that has got to be cheeks!
He is already head down, and the ultrasound tech said it was very likely he'll remain that way for the rest of my pregnancy. His head seems quite comfy resting by my right hip. I am feeling less sporadic kicking movements these days and more rolling and light kicks/punches. Holden's probably getting a little crammed already.
His measurements were healthy and great. He's still measuring a little ahead, but I think it's just because we have a healthy, chunky little baby.
I was put on a Z-pack (antibiotics) due to failing a preterm labor swab test. Guess my immune system is a little run down....I had that annoying cough for about a week, so I bet working a lot of hours has contributed to all of the immune system problems. Other than that, everything was perfect! I will see Dr. Perales on Tuesday, and I'm sure everything is great!
59 days til we meet!

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