Thursday, July 1, 2010


Happy JULY everyone!!

July has always always always been my favorite month! The 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday, fireworks mesmerize me even as an adult, the weather is oh so nice and hot, the days are long, sunsets are gorgeous, watermelons and patriotic cakes abound, people fly their flags, flowers are in bloom, little girls wear adorable, huge, red, white and blue bows....and my bday is in July. ;) I think I could use three Julys (Julies?) a year. Really! Just turning the calendar to this month makes me SMILE!

Today is the first, and this July 1st is extra special: We get to meet our little Holden in two months---at the most---since we are inducing on September 1st!! The real countdown begins.

I hope that everyone enjoys their 4th of July weekend! We're going to go to San Angelo to hang out with the Shields on Sunday. FUN FUN! Be safe and enjoy BBQs, colorful night skies and friendship!

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