Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lots of cleaning and organizing! :)

I'll be posting final pics of Holden's room oh so soon!! Stormy ordered me the Uppercase Living words for above the crib, which made me totally motivated right now! I've been moving furniture all day and re-arranging. I'm just needing to go to some antique/2nd hand stores and find a little bookshelf. I think something a little eclectic might do. Eclectic and CHEAP!

We were also extremely blessed with the Shuffields' sofa, loveseat and chair! (See picture of the couch above in the Shuffield's house) Heather is giving our two couches and old chair a home, so it is a double blessing! As soon as Chet gets home, our living room will be transformed. (I have moved too much furniture for the day. I think my doctor would be yelling at me if she knew all I have done!) Pics of our "new" living room coming soon as well.
We watched Riley Shuffield in the live performance of "The Jungle Book" last night in San Angelo, after getting the furniture in Brady. It was sooo fun and he did great. Made for a very, very late night though!!!
Today is a BUSY BUSY day! =)

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