Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grey's Birthday Party Photos!

Thank you Shuffield Photography, yet again, for taking photos of Grey's birthday party on March 23rd!

Warning: this is a LOT of photos. :)

 Her cake and cupcakes were so perfect, a huge thanks to Ashley Martin!! :)

 Thank you Shuffields and Alexi for this fun photo canvas of some of my Instagram photos from Grey's first year!
 There are just 2 million photos now of Grey eating her cake ;)...  Can you tell she liked it? 

Yes, this happened.

Love from YaYa! 

Birthday girl spent some time playing in the hallway for a break from the birthday craziness.  It was her birthday, she could escape if she wanted to! :)

 Sweet friends and cousins painted canvases for an orphanage.  

Water lover! (I assure you this girl had a bow we bought specifically for the occasion, but it didn't last long on our head.) 

Auntie Charys love!

Sweet Eme!

The invite said "no gifts please", yet somehow Grey still managed to leave the party with so many wonderful toys, books and outfits! ;)

My nephew Kayson is a smarty!

Ahma love!