Monday, January 31, 2011


Freely Me Designs is having a giveaway!  

Check out Jaci's blog for the rules! :)  Hurry!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

16 days!

Spread some LOVE this Valentine’s! 
Donate to Holden Uganda and we will send your 
loved ones a special card from you by February 14th!
You will be sharing love to these precious faces too!  
That’s real love.  
Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18b

TOMS by Casey

Casey Arnold created these cool TOMS today!  WE LOVE THEM! :)  Thanks for sporting HUF in such fabulous fashion, Casey!

Friday, January 28, 2011


5 things that have changed in my life over these past 5 months:
1.  God wants all of us.  Not 90%.  He desires 100%! He seeks us out, and loves us infinitely.  
2.  Even when it feels like He's hurt us, His overall plans are perfect for our lives.  He turns the darkest ashes into light and beauty.  
3.  Heaven is more awesome than I ever thought it was!  Satan wants us to believe it's not something to live every day here on earth seeking for, but rather a strange, far-away place we wouldn't really want to share with anyone.  Eternity is what matters. Not this little blink. The best of what is on this earth is just a tiny picture of what the Lord has in store for us.   
4.  Stuff doesn't matter.  People do.  I hope to invent myself more into the lives of others!
5.  Prayer is a genuine conversation with our Jesus, that does change lives.  It is not a nice speech at a pulpit or a practiced and rehearsed poem before a meal.  

5 months. Almost 1/2 a year. I can already see changes in our healing over the past 5 months. I know our God's plans are great.

When I woke up, I remembered that today was the day that we had wanted to build a well by, if at all possible. In my email inbox was yet another set of completed well photos. That's a perfect birthday gift for our baby, I think!

Well, I'm writing this on my phone in bed, due to the flu (official diagnosis), so I better sign out before I decide to edit.

Happy 5 months in GLORY, Holden Newell.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lightened heart

Due to a very dear friend losing her daddy this past week, I have once again given heaven even more thought than usual.  Stanley's service was a beautiful reminder of what is to come for us, and what everyone already there is experiencing.

The more I dwell on heaven, the more blessed I feel.  I have written about heaven almost daily, since Holden passed.  I read the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn (thank you Heidi for the copy), as well as several other books about heaven.  I am certain of this: the more I study heaven, the more it becomes "real"; not just a silly place we will all look like ghosts, be mindless, and float around in.  Coming from someone who thinks harp music is okay, at best, my vision of heaven was a little skewed before all the studying I have done.  The heaven I envisioned before is not somewhere that I would truly seek out in my daily life.

Heaven consumes my thoughts so much, because it is where my child is.  If there were no heaven, I would pretty much be institutionalized.  Literally.  Without the hope of meeting my son again, I don't know where I would be.  To be honest, I don't know how any mother who does not have this hope, does not just give up on life altogether.

So today I am rejoicing in the fact that my baby is experiencing all the good we can only imagine.  I would never take that from him.  And he has a "Papaw" to "teach him the ropes" right now.

Stormy, James Allen, Reese, Asher and Nanoo placed some of Stanley's flowers on Holden's spot.  Aren't they pretty?

Chet discovered them when he went out there to place the vase on it that we got in.  

Our household has been down and out with a serious bug of some sort for the past couple of days.  I have never, ever felt like this.  My temp is down to 101.5 now, so I guess I am on the mend. ? Or so I hope...Chet's hero status in my book just keeps growing and growing.  Even though he too is sick, he is trying to stay on top of Holden Uganda stuff and basic housework.
Back to bed.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


...has been busy.

I will be getting back to a more normal schedule hopefully this week.  I haven't run in 4 days, and my house looked like 20 elephants lived here this weekend.

My heart has sang Enough by Barlow Girl, over and over today.  Sometimes I just need a reminder that no matter what is going on, HE is enough.  Plain and simple.

All of You is more than enough for
All of me for every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with Your love
And all I have in You
Is more than enough

You are my supply
My breath of life
Still more awesome than I know
You are my reward
Worth living for
Still more awesome than I know

Cuz All of you is more than enough for all of me
for every thirst and every need 
you satisfy me with your love
and all I have in you is more than enough

You're my sacrifice of greatest price
Still more awesome than I know
You're my coming King You're everything
Still more awesome than I know

All of you is more than enough for all of me
for every thirst and every need 
you satisfy me with your love
and all I have in you 

All of you is more than enough for all of me
for every thirst and every need 
you satisfy me with your love
and all I have in you is more than enough

Your enough, your enough, your enough for me
your enough, your enough, your enough for me
your enough, your enough, your enough for me
your enough, your enough, your enough for me
your enough, your enough, your enough for me
your enough, your enough, your enough for me
your enough, your enough, your enough for me
your enough, your enough, your enough for me
your enough, your enough, your enough for me

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost a Mother

I heard that phrase while going through several blogs.  It is exactly how I feel; extraordinarily poignant.

I know people have told me countless times, "But you are a mom!"  I really do believe that yes, I birthed Holden, so I am his "mom", but I just don't feel like a mom.  A mom gets to mother her children.  Care for them.  Feed them.  Cloth them.  Kiss them.  Take away their hurt.  Laugh with them.  Talk to them.  So I appreciate the great effort all of my friends have gone through to try to make me feel like a Mom (because it means a lot), but I just don't feel it.  Not today.

Sometimes I feel more like a "mom" to students of mine, than to Holden.  It's strange.

Some days are just simply harder than others, even when I try to be positive.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was just sitting down to write about Martin Luther King, Jr., when I read Chelsea's blog.  I think her blog is one of the best compilation of MLK's quotes; but even more, it was so neat to read of her three daughters learning about him.  Enjoy her beautiful blog.
I am so grateful for brave people who have willingly stood up against the popular crowd throughout history, to do what is RIGHT.  We remember you, Martin Luther King, Jr.
One day, our family will probably consist of little black and white children.  All children of the Lord though.  :)

Quiet Time

I woke up this morning to a foggy, wet view, a rare one in West Texas.  I thought today would be a perfect day to slip on a pair of lounge pants, Tech sweatshirt and fuzzy socks.  It would be the perfect day to catch up on thank you cards, emails and any other Holden Uganda stuff that has been screaming at me for quite some time. (Note, if you are reading this and haven't received a thank you from me, it's on the way.  I promise...just not at the speed I'd like for it to be.)  I didn't even think I'd take a run today....nope, just snuggle inside and get caught up.

I was most excited about the prospect of more quiet time than usual, since, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., I have the day off.  Bible, books, etc.  The day would be wonderful.

Before realizing my fabulous plans for the day were pretty much shot by 9am, I did get a chance to read through some Scripture.  Lately, I have really loved Isaiah and Romans.  They have always been two of my favorite books, but in the last few months, they are even more amazing to my soul.  But today, I decided to read through Song of Solomon.  I don't really know what made me choose this romantic, short book, but I am glad I did.

Solomon's love for his wife is a representation of our Savior's love for us.  Verse 8:7 says, "Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.  If one were to give all the wealth of one's house for love, it would be utterly scorned."  What a thought to know our Savior loves us even more than a husband can ever love his wife.  I read that verse about 12 times this morning and let it sink in.  Love is something humans cannot exist without.

The Book that I read that out of, is one I actually thought I had to "make time" for in my schedule this week.  Yet, it is the Book that millions upon millions have died for... to read, possess and believe.  It is the Word that became Flesh (Jesus Christ).  It is the inspired, inherent Word of God.  I am so blessed to receive the free comfort from it every single day, at my own leisure.  Any time, any moment, any way I want.  Yet, because of this freedom, I take it for granted.

Being the #1 best seller in all of history is pretty impressive.  Surviving thousands of years, in nearly the exact text, is pretty awesome.  But all that doesn't quite speak wonders to me as the fact that there has never been another book that MILLIONS of people have willingly given up their lives for.  Obviously the Words have power.

World peace would already exist if nearly 7 billion people lived by 10 simple commandments.  Powerful, huh?

Imagine the peace, comfort and joy it gives you.  Imagine how it changes every thought and action.  What are some of the verses that have spoken to you recently?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Fund Raiser Photos

Fund Raiser Photos

These first few photos were taken by Barbara Leatherwood, Holden Uganda's Director of Support.  We are so appreciate of the work she puts in "behind the scenes"!
Jennifer selling Scentsy

 Isn't our Holden Uganda lunch tote from 31 Gifts cute?
 Ashley selling 31 Gifts...she did not even have a voice, but still showed up and rocked.  THAT's the kind of heart she has.  We love you Ashley!

 Chet and his mom, Leigh Ann.  Leigh Ann, thank you for helping!
 My adorable baby nephew, Cohen.
 Friends who came from Abilene just for the fund-raiser.  Thank you Crystal, Landon and Landry (one of Holden's friends)!  :)

 Friends who came all the way from Midland.  Thank you Nina, Carolyn and Tinsley (another one of Holden's friends)!
 All these friends make me smile!


 Darci selling her Mary Kay.  Thank you sweet girl!

 Now, I happened to love all the shoppers, but seeing a Dad and his sons shopping for their mom was precious.  Thank you Coach Brogden and boys!

 Charys selling Pampered Chef while being a mom.  Thank you sis!

Our first fund-raiser last Saturday was truly a blessing.  Thank you EVERYONE who made it so.

The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all He has made.  Psalm 145:9