Monday, January 17, 2011

Quiet Time

I woke up this morning to a foggy, wet view, a rare one in West Texas.  I thought today would be a perfect day to slip on a pair of lounge pants, Tech sweatshirt and fuzzy socks.  It would be the perfect day to catch up on thank you cards, emails and any other Holden Uganda stuff that has been screaming at me for quite some time. (Note, if you are reading this and haven't received a thank you from me, it's on the way.  I promise...just not at the speed I'd like for it to be.)  I didn't even think I'd take a run today....nope, just snuggle inside and get caught up.

I was most excited about the prospect of more quiet time than usual, since, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., I have the day off.  Bible, books, etc.  The day would be wonderful.

Before realizing my fabulous plans for the day were pretty much shot by 9am, I did get a chance to read through some Scripture.  Lately, I have really loved Isaiah and Romans.  They have always been two of my favorite books, but in the last few months, they are even more amazing to my soul.  But today, I decided to read through Song of Solomon.  I don't really know what made me choose this romantic, short book, but I am glad I did.

Solomon's love for his wife is a representation of our Savior's love for us.  Verse 8:7 says, "Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.  If one were to give all the wealth of one's house for love, it would be utterly scorned."  What a thought to know our Savior loves us even more than a husband can ever love his wife.  I read that verse about 12 times this morning and let it sink in.  Love is something humans cannot exist without.

The Book that I read that out of, is one I actually thought I had to "make time" for in my schedule this week.  Yet, it is the Book that millions upon millions have died for... to read, possess and believe.  It is the Word that became Flesh (Jesus Christ).  It is the inspired, inherent Word of God.  I am so blessed to receive the free comfort from it every single day, at my own leisure.  Any time, any moment, any way I want.  Yet, because of this freedom, I take it for granted.

Being the #1 best seller in all of history is pretty impressive.  Surviving thousands of years, in nearly the exact text, is pretty awesome.  But all that doesn't quite speak wonders to me as the fact that there has never been another book that MILLIONS of people have willingly given up their lives for.  Obviously the Words have power.

World peace would already exist if nearly 7 billion people lived by 10 simple commandments.  Powerful, huh?

Imagine the peace, comfort and joy it gives you.  Imagine how it changes every thought and action.  What are some of the verses that have spoken to you recently?


  1. Thank you for this post and for asking this question. It has been far too long since I have dug into the word of God. Sad but true. I read this question and immediately thought of Ecclesiates. It has always been my favorite book. But my mind went blank. I could not think of the verses in this book that made me love it so much. So you caused me to dust off my bible and open it up. So many times, life gets in the way and I push the important stuff aside. Even spending time with my babies is not as important as what God has to say to me through reading His word. So thank you.

    Anyway, back to your question.... I love Eccelesiates 5. "God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.......Therefore stand in AWE of God." (you really should just read the whole chapter!) But I think of it like this: We do not go to a professional (let's say a baseball player) and tell them how to play their game. Therefore, we should not go to God and tell Him how to do His job better. His plans are perfect. We just need to stand back and take in the whole, bigger picture. Then you WILL stand in AWE of GOD because you will see how AMAZING He is and you will think "huh, I would've never thought of that". Yes, He DOES know what He is doing.... haha.

    Also, really quick. I like verse 10. "whoever loves money never has enough". My note in my bible, back from 2002, says this: "I think of this as not just money--it's everything. When you love something, you can never have enough of it. So I will put my energy into loving God! He is what I can't get enough of!"

  2. I have been working on bitterness issues recently, so this verse came to mind:

    Philippians 3:14 "Forgetting (Forgiveness) what is behind (both good & bad) and straining toward what is ahead (moving forward), I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."