Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cloning sheep

My random thought today:

We can clone sheep, send satellites to different galaxies and perform intricate brain surgery.

But for some reason we cannot prevent a perfectly healthy baby from dying? 

Stillbirths are on the rise.  (I have researched the data.)

These past four months, the amount of women who have had stillborn babies we've met through this journey is astounding and staggering.  My heart breaks over and over for each and every one of them.  40 years ago or last week; every single one has a hole in their heart and life for as long as they live on earth. 

No one should have to bury their child.  Period.

I am not trying to play God.  I know He is ultimately in control of life and death.  I just preventable, it seems.

We do get joy from these wells in these precious babies' honor.  The hope is truly amazing...knowing our babies are making a difference in the world, even with their short lives.

But it doesn't take away the pain or fill the void.  It simply stinks not having a baby to talk about when others are talking about theirs.  (This is not in ANY way saying I don't want to hear about other fact the opposite is true.  I would be devastated if my friends didn't tell me about their babies and lives.  I think that would hurt worse!)  I suppose this pain is something that I will need to get used to in this season of my life.

On a brighter note:
I'm blessed with the best friends I have ever imagined having.  I thank the Lord for His purposeful and intentional ways of placing the most inspiring, precious, giving, loving, awesome friends in my life.  Who would have thought I would love living in Snyder, Texas three years ago?  Now I can't imagine living anywhere else...maybe one day...but not anytime soon.  

This evening, I actually enjoyed running and walking (seriously the truth).  It is probably because I went with three sweet friends, but at any rate I got home and thought, "That was fun!"  It also cleared my head a bit.  :)

I'm about to balance accounts....I think we are REALLY REALLY close to a 7th well.  YAY!!!

Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.  
Psalm 115:1


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  2. My uncle died of a lung birth defect when he was just days old. Had he been born today, he would have survived. In 40 years we may have smaller trachea tubes and respirators that could fit a baby at 23 weeks- and 40 years from now maybe babies like Claire will survive. It's so important that we push to raise awareness and encourage research in pregnancy and infants.