Saturday, May 29, 2010

A couple more from Grandad's party

Okay, so maybe I didn't QUITE get all of this down...I thought I could add more pictures after I had already commented. Not so much. So here's a few more. :)

Grandad with the grandkids

Carrie, Gran and Leigh Ann

Carrie and Gran

Grandad's "22nd" Birthday

Grandad informed us that it was his 22nd birthday, so we thought we'd all get together at the Spanish Inn to celebrate. ;) Only half of the family was there (we missed several from Lubbock), but we enjoyed it! These pictures are all terrible quality and makes you think you are seeing orange (you are), but bear with me. I am using them to practice my new "blogging with multiple pictures skills" that Johnnie has taught me! [THANK YOU JOHNNIE!]

Grandad with his sombrero and cake (yes, these are out of order)

Shelbi and me (and my messed up hair!)

Chet and I

The Birthday Boy and Shelbi

Probably one of two pictures in existence with Chet and his two brothers all in it. This is Heath, Trey (or John) and Chet.

Leigh Ann (my mother-in-law) and Caul

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pass this along!

This is a news article about MECP2 Duplication.

One of the nicest families I know has a son who is diagnosed with it and would like the word passed along since it is very rare.

Pray every day for a CURE!

Monday, May 24, 2010

These are the colors that will be in Holden's nursery. I ordered his bedding last week, and it should take about 4 weeks to get in. I can't wait to see it!! (Can you tell I don't like to keep a lot of baby secrets like most people?? i.e. name, gender, fabric for room, etc.?!)
We are trying to avoid a lot of "baby blue". This blue is so nicely called "Robin's Egg Blue". Yes, I know they are very similar; it just makes me feel better to say it's NOT baby blue! ;)

Audra's Shower

My good (and beautiful) friend Audra had her baby shower in Colorado City this weekend! Her little bebe, Rhyder J., should make his grand entrance very soon!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Mother's Day

I think it should be said that I have the very best sister in the world!
But if you know her, you already know that!
She, her husband Scott and two little boys sent me flowers for my 'first' Mother's Day two weekends ago. It really made my day! Thank you guys!
I would include pictures of the beautiful, incredible, handmade card she also sent, but that would require two pictures on this post. ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

23.5 Weeks

Hi friends!

Since the only people who read this must know me well...I'm sure I don't even need to state this. But just in case you don't know me that well, I'll say it:

#1 I don't blog often because I'm not good at it. My pride apparently gets in the way of me asking for blogging help! My pictures and words never seem to correlate with each other(unless for some crazy reason they do by pure accident). I hate this since I've usually considered myself relatively 'technology savvy'. It's just blogs and I don't seem to understand each other. I LOVE reading other people's blogs, and could be quite the stalker if I allowed myself to be...I just haven't quite got the hang of it myself. SO there. I admit it. I need help!

#2 I haven't asked for help primarily because our lives are just not exciting enough to blog about! I love reading well-written, witty posts about all of your very interesting lives and families. That would not be the case in our little family. ;) I have very little wit and a very "normal" life that would bore any reader (including myself) to death.

That being said, I think I may purchase a "Blogging Guide for Dummies" book, since we are about to have a baby. I think at least my sweet little boy deserves a digital "scrapbook" - if you may - since his mommy certainly isn't going to create real scrapbooks. =) (Sorry to my sweet, talented sister who teaches scrapbooking!)

I think I'll make a quick "pregnancy journal" on this post. It might be the only post Holden will ever read one day about his mommy pregnant. I'm sure to forget all these details when I've chased a toddler around, gone to several thousand sporting events, helped him get his driver's license, etc. So here goes:

This is a picture of me at 23.5 weeks pregnant. My bump has since grown by at least several inches, my going rate per week (and I'm now about 24.5 weeks). [Notice this post has just ONE picture. That way it DOES happen to correlate with the words!] ;)

The pregnancy has been a blessing so far! Other than the typical first trimester nausea and tiredness, I have no complaints. This second trimester (we're almost at our THIRD!) has been lovely. I usually have energy, feel good and keep the local United store in business with my growing appetite...ahem...Holden's growing appetite. He also likes to keep McDonald's, Sonic and Spanish Inn in business. I didn't realize my stomach could keep growing and growing. God sure did make our bodies so infinitely perfect!

Our doctor, Dr. P, was definitely a blessing from the Lord! She was my very good friend's doctor, and I don't believe we could have a better one. She's compassionate, caring, funny and willing to answer anything and everything about our baby. Yes, I let a little of my type-A personality get carried away, and ask a million questions at each appointment. She's literally spent three hours with us before. She's a Christian doctor too...something that is rare and an enormous blessing! The only annoying part about her is this: She was pregnant when we first met; like nine months pregnant. She looked 5 months pregnant. She saw me two weeks (YES TWO WEEKS) after giving birth and looked like she had never had a child inside of her, ever. Anyways...yes, her cuteness matches her amazingness. :)

At each appointment we've been blessed to hear a strong heartbeat (usually around 150-160); it's so reassuring and fun to listen to! Our ultrasounds show that Holden is usually curled up in a crazy "predicament" as Dr. P so kindly describes it as. We just call it "stuck". He's a cutie and even gave a "guns up" at the first big ultrasound his daddy was there for. Yes, he will be a future Red Raider I'm sure!! We discovered he was a little boy at our 17 week ultrasound. We were both so excited and knew he was PERFECT for our family!!

The name Holden Newell was decided on before we knew the gender. Holden is just a name we like and Newell is my sweet grandpa's name. My grandpa is one of my heros, so I hope Holden will have some of his traits.

I felt Holden move for the first time (officially) around 18 weeks. Ever since then I've felt him move every day. This is my favorite thing by far about being pregnant. It's so neat to get to pray over Holden as he's moving. I don't think any man can ever understand this feeling. When women used to tell me about how special it is, I just didn't realize the depth in that. Now I do. It's amazing!! Holden moves most when I eat sugar, so obviously he likes when I eat sugar (hehe)...I wouldn't want him to skip out on his daily aerobics after all.

Chet and I already love our son so incredibly much! It's the most amazing thing that has EVER happened to us, and the task of parenting is something we are going to go at with so much prayer. I'm learning to trust God about our parenting abilities. We know WE will fail often and couldn't possibly give Holden a perfect's only with GOD'S unfailing grace, mercy and help can we do what is best for our son.

Well that is the end to one of the longest and most boring blogs ever. Now I can officially say I've written something down for Holden one day. I'm sorry if you've made it this far...whew.

Pretty soon you may read some seriously boring posts from me...b/c I AM going to master this blogging thing by the time Holden arrives. He deserves some sort of little scrapbook; even if it does happen to be digital and full of grammatical errors!

Here's to another 15 weeks (or less) of pregnancy.