Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grandad's "22nd" Birthday

Grandad informed us that it was his 22nd birthday, so we thought we'd all get together at the Spanish Inn to celebrate. ;) Only half of the family was there (we missed several from Lubbock), but we enjoyed it! These pictures are all terrible quality and makes you think you are seeing orange (you are), but bear with me. I am using them to practice my new "blogging with multiple pictures skills" that Johnnie has taught me! [THANK YOU JOHNNIE!]

Grandad with his sombrero and cake (yes, these are out of order)

Shelbi and me (and my messed up hair!)

Chet and I

The Birthday Boy and Shelbi

Probably one of two pictures in existence with Chet and his two brothers all in it. This is Heath, Trey (or John) and Chet.

Leigh Ann (my mother-in-law) and Caul

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