Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our CRAZY Year-around Christmas

So I had this ingenious idea (if you know me...that was my first problem) to paint our dining room a bright green. Well I fell in love with a green from Sherwin Williams ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN....which is severely not in color correct mode apparently. I wanted a cool "Pier 1/contemporary/Pottery Barn" looking "apple green". It was NEON green in the can, but obviously we were not deterred and went ahead and painted any ways. I told Chet, the man at the store reminded me, "It will look really bright, but it will dry deeper." So dumb me. Painted BOTH coats. Well, it's bright all right. And green. And bright.

So after that poor decision, I decided to make an even worse: paint a red wall next to green walls. (Again, keep in mind I don't learn from my mistakes very easily...) I love the red. Just don't love it next to green. So we literally have a year-around holiday at our house. It might be OK for a den/closet, but this would happen to be the first thing you see when you walk in. And our house layout is such that it's what you see from everywhere.

It may take me awhile, but I eventually do heed to common sense and learn my lesson. I will NOT be making haste, rash paint color decisions stemming from my lust for a color on my work's computer screen. EVER again! Stay tuned for a soft, calming, "Green tea" green to cover up that brightness. Well, when Chet allows me to spend money on more paint and I can even imagine holding a paint roller again. So we might get to live with it for a few months.


  1. PAINT class required for me after this photo class!!!

  2. I actually don't think it looks all that bad...just a reference though, if you want to tone it down you can get a can of stain and rub over the walls. I did that with mustard yellow dining room and kitchen and it toned it down to a nice liveable color.


  3. Thank you Laura...may have to try the stain!! :)