Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nearly 1 1/2!

As we near 18 months this weekend, I had two goals that needed to be accomplished during today's nap time: blog and/or input Nerium receipts for taxes.  That was kind of a no brainer. ;) (Sorry Chet)
I really need to spend a few minutes capturing some of this amazing little 18 month-old personality on here:
  • Grey has never done anything halfheartedly in her life.  She is fully happy or fully not.  Though sometimes that means we breakdown into giant fits when we don't get our way at this age, it also (more often) means we love entirely.  This girl loves with everything she can give.  We are wrapped in BEAR hugs (literally squeezing breath out sometimes) and kisses throughout the day.  
  • Her heart is beautifully sensitive.  She senses emotions in ways that astound me.  She is highly bothered by anyone being unhappy, and if anyone is crying she will cry with them and hug them.  She is her momma's baby ;).  We will just be cryers for life I guess.  Every.single.morning we meltdown when Daddy leaves for work.  It's so incredibly sweet and sad.  I don't even know how to handle it except to love her through it.  
  • Oh how she loves her Daddy. (And the feeling is mutual!) :)
  • Grey goes to speech therapy on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  I am blown away by how awesome her two therapists are.  I mean, Grey loves them.  I know therapy will help her speak to her full potential, and I am very grateful for it.  (Might I add I am grateful we live in Lubbock so that we aren't driving 3 hours every other day for this!!) 
  • Grey is warming up to school slowly and surely.  Let's just be honest and real has been a rough transition for all of us.  She attends school Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 7:30-3:30, and has not really found her groove there yet.  This Tuesday we started to see a little light at the end of the adjustment tunnel though.  Praise God!!!  Whew this momma heart needed that.  I guess we just enjoy each other's company a little too much. :)
  • Sunday night was the first night we decided to go "cold turkey" off all bottles.  I can officially say she is WEANED entirely from all bottles (she was having one nightly bottle since about 12 months).  She has shocked us and not taken it bad at all.  In fact, she fusses for about one minute at night and then falls asleep.  No lie.  Had I known it would be this easy we would've quit two months ago. ;)  It hurt my heart to throw her bottles in the trash on Monday.  I actually cried the whole walk back to our dumpster.  I wasn't ready for by precious baby to grow up like that.  
  • She is so expressive it constantly has us cracking up.  This girl might not be very verbal, but she is never short of character.  There is no mistaking what she wants.  
  • She still loves music and dancing, and has honed her dancing skills quite a bit.  I cannot wait for ballet at 2!!
  • She has been trying to potty train herself for about a month.  We keep stopping her efforts.  Her mind is ready, but her physical body is not yet, which leads to lots of frustration and tears.  She dashes to her little girl potty every time she needs to go, but most often has already wet her diaper or underwear, which makes her so upset.  By so upset we will cry.  I have no idea why she gets so upset!  We have never made it a bad thing to use the bathroom in her diaper or underwear.  It's all her.  So we have basically stopped these efforts at all costs.  We will start again closer to two. ;)
  • Grey loves animals, children and people in general.  Her personal bubble is about 1/2 centimeter.  I love her.
We thank God for the miracle of Grey's life each and every day.  Being a toddler mom is not always easy, but it is always amazing.  I am so honored to get to watch my precious daughter grow up.  I am in denial that she is going to be 18 months.  Really.  This time of her life is always leaving me in complete awe.  She is brilliant (if I must say so myself) and soaks up the world.  We have meaningful conversations now, and she understands what I am saying.  She loves to clean with me and be my shadow.  Some of our very favorites are going to the Science Spectrum, Jump n Jungle, parks all over Lubbock, watering the flowers, playing with the puppies and kitty, going to the zoo in Abilene, etc.  She is my .... gulp .... big girl now.

I love you fully my precious girl.  May I teach you to walk in God's ways.

And your ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way, walk in it," whenever you turn to the right or to the left.  Isaiah 30:21

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