Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This week I have been excited about a new part-time business I just started: Arbonne. (www.arbonne.com)

They offer a range of all-natural, pure and safe skin care, cosmetics, nutrition and weight loss items. I am really excited about helping people achieve and keep beautiful skin without chemicals and harmful ingredients. I've used my Arbonne skin care for about a month, and have already noticed a huge difference. I've actually been able to throw away the MANY bottles of concoctions I've accumulated over the years, because my skin is CLEAR and soft like never before. I literally was using 4 or 5 different things every day to maintain clear skin. Now I'm using only Arbonne and my skin is already smoother and clearer.

One day I will have my very own Arbonne website, but for now I am just spreading the word and handing out product samples. If you are interested, PLEASE call/message me! (325-728-0159) Also, if hosting a party to get your stuff for free interests you, let me know! :)

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