Monday, July 13, 2009

catching up with summer

So I am probably the most sporadic blogger ever. I knew when I started this thing, without kids and an adventurous lifestyle, I would have VERY little to blog about. Chet and I just simply do not have a life exciting enough to proclaim to the internet world. Infact, I even forgot my password when I tried to log in this morning. lol

Here's a small re-cap of my life this past month or two:

I worked a lot and went to lots of weddings and showers. The end. haha ;)

Here's a picture of Blair's bachelorette party/shower:

We spent 4th of July at Chet's parents' lake house in Colorado City. This is us after a day of swimming and frying in the Texas sun:

Our 6-week summer program with Upward Bound ended Friday. It was so much fun, but a lot of work!! We took the kids to Colorado for the end-of-year trip. I'll post some pics of the trip.

Seven Falls with Stephanie:

The views on the train ride up to Pike's Peak:

Rachael, Steph and me on the cog railway and at the top:

Amazing Garden of the Gods (cameras don't do God's creations any justice at all):

Picture of Rachael, Stephanie and me at Flying W Ranch:

Random photos of our UB group at the Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs and University of Denver and Denver Museum of Nature & Science:

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