Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Her name is...

Grey Erwin

So many people have asked, and I have been hesitant to share her name "publicly", but Chet told me last night that we should tell people since it is 'leaking out' any ways.  We love her name and I hope she does too one day. :)  Little Miss Grey has a middle name as well, but since her Daddy chose it and wants to share on her birthday, I will keep my lips sealed until that special time. 
We had wonderful doctor appointments yesterday!  I could not stop smiling all afternoon...I am probably one of the only moms on earth that are excited to have a breech baby, and was thrilled she is breech now.  (We are getting a c-section, so breech is not bad, and only means she is not as eager to come early!)  She is still as shy as ever for the camera, so we did not get any good facial pictures.  She gets her reaction towards cameras from her mama, for sure.  I know how annoying I must be to Tisha now!  :( (SORRY TISHA!)  We did get some great photos of her long fingers though [the ones covering her face]; I love that she has inherited that from my side of the family.  Her cousins Kayson and Hannah both have long fingers, and I am already planning on a piano purchase in the future...

I had my glucose test and will get the results within a day or so.  Grey and I certainly do enjoy our sweets, so I am hoping we passed!  We will be in Lubbock each Monday for NST from here on out; I'll gladly drive 3 hours a week for the reassurance it brings. 

Baby Updates
3rd - Possibly having a c-section in about 8.5 weeks!
*Current food craving:
Apricots - This was the same weird craving I had with Holden, although being a summer baby, they were in season with him. I have had to make do with canned ones (bummer for zero nutritional value) since I refuse to ingest the sulfur that comes with dried apricots while pregnant.  Other than apricots, I really don't crave foods pregnant.  Nope, we don't discriminate...we just like them all! ;)
Grey is exceedingly perfect in growth, so we except a chunky little girl upon arrival.  We saw some chubby cheeks peeking out under her hands yesterday.  I am in love. :)
*Weight gain:
Not posting on a blog.  :)  Let's just say we are doing a-okay. 

Today's wonderful news:
JD Smith (Holden Uganda Co-Founder) is currently in Uganda right now, visiting the well projects, Sanyu Babies Home and Dr. Patrick, as well as coordinating and filming the building of a well and accomplishing business.  His visit there is such an exciting step for HUF, so those of us on American soil are doing our best to not be jealous. ;)

This morning I received a call from his wife Kara about his visit to Holden's well.  It MADE my day, and made my heart burst with JOY! ♥   During his visit, he was able to hold and love on a 17 month-old toddler whose family was drinking clean water.  Of course, Holden is 17 months-old, so this made me cry.  He also met 100 people in a short 20 minute period who were lined up to fetch clean water from the well.  Once again we were powerfully reminded that each well represents LIFE!  I dream of taking Grey to these wells one day soon...

{{Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart,
and good news gives health to the bones. Proverbs 15:30}}


  1. love the name thats our little girls middle that we are pregnant with now.. Well GRAY its my grandmothers last name. Its so cute!

    1. How fun! It's a wonderful middle name, and almost was her middle name. :)

  2. Sarah, I love the name, and I am sure she is just hiding her beautiful face until she can show it to you on her birth day, love you, Memaw

  3. Love your name! We are expecting twins and go for a 4D ultrasound Thursday. I hope we get something other than smashed legs and arms, since there's not really a whole lot of room in my belly :) I am 25 weeks and 4 days, and mine will probably come early, because apparently that's what twins do. My boy is breech right now. Best of luck to you!


  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE her sweet name. Absolutely precious. Super excited for yall.