Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The title to this blog pretty much sums up Grey's and my life for a while.

Long story short: our little girl is really low and back to head down ready to come on out and meet us a little early (sorry for the TMI, but that's just they way she is!), plus it has been impossible to stop my contractions when I am up moving around.  The only way they seem to stop is laying down for LONG periods of time.

After a weekend stay at the hospital, complete with iv fluids, shots to stop contractions, etc., our doctor insisted it is best for us to be on strict bedrest for as long as they see fit.  It could be a week (I am hoping), but is more likely to be until the day she is born.  We are home now and I suppose this means our bed won't be made for a month or two. ;)  Henri (our cat) seems quite happy with this new situation, so at least someone is thrilled.  :)  I am ever so grateful for a boss who has been graciously flexible with me, which takes away a lot of possible stress.

Grey got two doses of steroids for her lungs this weekend, which were to get her breathing kicked into higher gear, in case of an early arrival.  We are still holding out for a little girl born in about 7 weeks or so, but I have really given her life daily back to the Lord, since the "bigger picture" is perfect - and that includes whenever God has chosen her birthday to be!  

Probably one of the more disappointing aspects about all of this is that I am not allowed to travel.  I will miss the Hope Mommies retreat this weekend, as well as my nephew's second birthday party.  Grey is worth missing anything and everything, but I still had hoped to be a part of the life-changing Hope Mommies Winter Retreat, and Cohen's second birthday.  

I originally hadn't planned on sharing this to the whole entire world, as this is not how we envisioned a second pregnancy to be.  But then I decided this blog is a journal of our life, and probably the only "baby book" my daughter will read one day...but more importantly, God has a perfect reason for all of this.  

We are so blessed with amazing friends.  My Sunday School friends filled my email inbox with Meal Train sign-ups this morning.  Friends have sent encouragements, Scriptures, and even tv shows I can start watching.  I have a stack of books on my nightstand, lots of Holden Uganda work to be done, etc.  God has taken care of every need already, a very humbling place to be.

PS  And a husband who does laundry and cleaning! :)

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.  Psalm 68:19


  1. Sending you and Grey lots of prayers. Bed rest is tough, but you're a strong momma!

  2. Sarah, I know we've never met but I'm a friend of Jaci's and have been so touched by your story. We will pray for a safe arrival for baby Grey and will be thinking of you! Marissa H.

  3. Hey there beautiful momma...I am so glad you are taking care of your self. Don't worry about anything else. Hope that you fully enjoy this "down time" and that Ms. Grey stays put just a little while longer! ;) We will miss you this weekend, but without a doubt, you are doing the right thing - taking care of you and that sweet baby! Big hugs!