Friday, February 3, 2012

Better late than never...

This evening we [more like Chet] lugged out the totes of baby stuff we have had in storage.  I supervised in my bedridden state, while he sorted through the totes.

There are a few things I must say:
#1 Holden was a spoiled little guy.  Oh my gosh... I am so relieved and joyed that we have some good friends with a little boy on the way who can use all of the boy clothes!  I was surprised at how much it still hurt to go through all of those cute outfits.  What a blessing they can be used and loved though.
#2. I wish we would have done this much earlier.  I am really overwhelmed, emotional and on the verge of tears with the whole recreating a nursery process.  I have a Pinterest vision, with a Wal-Mart budget...and sloth energy right now. :)
#3.  We have a lot to do before Grey arrives.  A lot.

We still do not have anywhere to put the baby stuff, as we are waiting on the furniture to be painted, but at least we have placed the totes in her nursery with the stuff we are keeping.

I had grandeur plans to spend my entire Spring Break painting a bookshelf, hanging up white frames to create a wall collage, painting a mirror frame, etc. to get her nursery ready.  With bed rest and a possible early-arriving little girl, I suppose we may have a baby come before a nursery is done.  I won't let Grey read this part of my blog one day...shhh. ;)  She can't know how bad of a Mommy I was for the seven months I had prior to bed rest.

Very sweet friends have given Grey the most adorable outfits, so I finally broke down and removed tags from the preemie and newborn ones tonight.  Removing tags and washing clothes seems so "real".  It's about time, huh?  She will have a hospital bag before her arrival.  It made me feel much better to have this done for her...hopefully the bag will be ready this weekend.  :)

My patient and amazing husband has promised to get her nursery done as soon as the furniture arrives.  Decorating is NOT his (or mine for that matter) forte, so I think it's even sweeter that he will be decorating her nursery just because he loves us.  We came up with our shopping list of things we still need, and he is going to be a Super Dad and do the shopping next time he is out of town.  Grey's got the best Daddy! :)

I continue to be an oven baking a slow roaster.  It is really difficult to accept so many people doing EVERYTHING for me/us.  Our door is never short of people bringing over food (I may need to be rolled to the hospital because of how much I have enjoyed all the yumminess) and sweet gifts of love.  I believe my life is a constant recipient of blessings...and it's a bit overwhelming to know I cannot ever repay them all back in one lifetime.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to 'know' Grey more through all of this rest.  I can time her sleep patterns and her wake times.  Her movements are so very, very, very sweet.  I do not ever get tired of feeling them.  It's the most amazing feeling in the world, each and every time!

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!  2 Corinthians 9:15

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  1. Don't feel bad Sarah, I was the same way. It was SO hard to get rid of Adelyn's baby stuff - I wish I had known you would have a girl and I would have saved some for you. I hope you kept some of his things though. It was even hard for me to go through all of Sierra's old clothes, knowing I saved them for another little girl to wear. At least I have pictures of one very cute little girl wearing them though, right?

    I also had a hard time cutting tags and washing things. I didn't pack my bag until the weekend before I was induced! I imagine it would be very hard to redo Holden's nursery - we kept ours exactly the same as it was when it was Sierra's. Gender neutral :)