Saturday, October 5, 2013

18 month well-check and going ons

This photo makes me laugh, because it describes one of our favorite past-times perfectly: snacking!! :)

Grey had her 18 month well-check yesterday, which THANKFULLY means her last shots until she's 4.  Wow!  So grateful for that!  I take them much worse than she does. ;)  They told us they must've measured her length incorrectly at her 15 month appointment.!  We had a fun little bit of time thinking we were on the tall side for once haha! ;) (We had a feeling they messed them up, but we couldn't help but enjoy it!)
Height: 30 1/2" - 25%
Weight: 23 lbs. - 30%
Head Circumference: 18.2" - 50%

I feel like a growth spurt is around the corner, because Grey has started eating a ton again!  She can out-eat me sometimes!

We are LOVING our speech therapists and Grey's using sign language and attempting more sounds than she ever has.  She really does have the two best therapists, who clearly love her...and the feeling is mutual.  It makes my mommy heart so happy to know she is taken care of so well.

We have decided to put Grey in a smaller preschool, or CDO, as her class size was a bit large for her personality, so we made the decision to pull her out.  We are on a few waiting lists, so Grey will have sitters on Tuesdays while I teach until a spot opens up for her.

I love the fall and everything about it.  It is my favorite Texas month, and I am really trying to savor this season of our lives.  I feel like summer was a whirlwind (when isn't it around here!?), so I am doing my very best to enjoy each day.  Grey is such a fun little person, who never ceases to amaze me in countless ways.  She loves nature, which means we are outside for a majority of the day since the cooler temps have arrived.

We have slowly acquired furniture and started decorating more.  Autumn decor has made me excited to tune my "homemaker" skills - finally!  Chet is still working lots of hours and I am teaching and staying very busy with Nerium, but we have loved family time here in Wolfforth.

Looking forward to lots of wonderful things this season...

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.  Psalm 19:1b

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