Sunday, October 27, 2013

a glimpse into the life of a 19 month old

Grey is...
Full of spirit
Full of opinions
Full of giggles
Full of fight (we started our assertive 2s a bit early)
Learning to say more words each week (praise the Lord)
Always excited to try new things
Loving to read to herself and to us
Loving to interact with other children
Loving her new school

I took these photos on the 23rd, because Grey had her first ever round of hand, foot & mouth disease (YUCK!), so she was extremely grumpy on the 22nd.  They all turned out blurry with bad lighting, but at least I captured her personality (and her pumpkin shirt from Crafty Momma Amanda - check her work out on Facebook).  We have started to use essential oils in our home, and I believe the combination of coconut oil/lavender oil baths with frankincense and thieves in our diffuser reduced the duration and severity of HFM by a lot.  Within three days her nasty blisters were GONE.  Thank you Jesus for an "easy" time with HFM.

Saying goodbye before I left on Friday

Grey spent this weekend with her Daddy while I met my sister and friend Blair in Dallas for Jen Hatmaker's Reckless conference.  Jen can bring it!  Whew...the truth she spoke was life-changing - as I knew it would be.  Meeting Jen was on my bucket list...and guess what?  She is even more real (if that's possible), in person.  Let's just say Mark 2:22 had me thinking the whole drive home today.

I, of course, gave her an awkward hug and forgot everything I wanted to say.  You also probably knew that would happen.

I have loved soaking in Grey's little toddler self this fall.   It has been very challenging at times, but watching her master a new skill or giggle until she's crying makes every moment worth it.  She is SO full of life.  Our Savior has used my daughter to teach me a lot about patience, but even more about joy.

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

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