Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in a few words

I am going to begin with today, the 31st of December.  Grey said the words, "I love you mommy!" to me as she and Chet walked out the door.  THAT is the best way to end the year!

I think more than any year in our entire marriage (and lives for that matter) this year included the most changes for us:

Grey started running and hasn't ever stopped in January!
Grey Danelle turned 1 on March 22nd!
Decided we wanted to be closer to Lubbock family, schools, doctors and amenities so we placed our home on the market in the spring.
Sold our home and bought a new one in Wolfforth in June!
Moved the last weekend of June!
I became a Nerium Brand Partner in July!
I started co-teaching Jumpstart in August.
Grey started school two days a week in August.
Grey started speech therapy in August.
Praised God for our son's life for three years on his 3rd birthday on August 28th.
Found out we would be adopting in September!
Chet started a new job (praise God!) in October!
Stopped teaching in October, and was able to dedicate more time to Nerium!
Moved Grey to a better school for her in October!
Advanced to Executive Director with Nerium in November!
Completed our entire home study and all adoption paperwork in November!
Welcomed our precious Rose Catherine on December 23rd!
Stepped off the board of Holden Uganda on December 31st.
*This needs an explanation so here is what I wrote on my Facebook status:
In the past three years, we have been overwhelmed with the support and love in our son's honor to build clean water wells. Holden Uganda has built over 150 water projects, far more than we ever dreamed.

Our decision to leave the Board has been one we've prayed about for the entire past year. We know all things have seasons, and we wanted our son's legacy to end in a good season.

We are still VERY passionate about clean water, and look forward to working with The Ugandan Water Project and Charity Water in the future (both amazing organizations).

The Holden Uganda Foundation Board voted to not dissolve, and not remove Holden's name from the Foundation, but Chet and I have no part of Holden Uganda from here on out.

We are grateful to our Lord and Savior for His abundant blessings and grace over this ministry ... And so very grateful to all of you who supported it.

We want family and friends to know we are not part of Holden Uganda or any of its future endeavors.

This year was filled with countless emotions, both good and difficult.  Our family experienced many changes that stretched us and made us so grateful for a God who is mightier than any troubles and stresses.

These past few years remind me of how fast time really does pass us by.  May we always remember to glorify the Creator of each day.  Thank you Lord for your unfailing mercy, blessings, love and grace.

Happy New Year's to our friends and family!

How can I repay the LORD for all His goodness to me? Psalm 116:12

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