Tuesday, April 8, 2014

15 precious weeks old

Our precious girl is now 15 weeks old.  It seems like time passes quicker and quicker, even if it seems impossible to fly by any faster.  Chet told me this weekend that Rose's infant stage is going by way too fast.  I agree.  Two kids sure changes things.  I have a constant to do list I never can catch up to.  I still have things to do to complete Rose's nursery and Grey's "big girl room".  Either time or money or both seem to get the best of me on these projects.  Thankfully the girls will only remember the TIME we spent with them, and not the things and money we spent on them.

Rose has some milestones this week!:
  • She is now wearing size 2 diapers!
  • She is seriously so close to rolling over it is crazy.  She has "accidentally" rolled on soft blankets on the bed, but I think the blankets assisted her a bit.
  • She is breaking into 6-9 month clothes.  I don't even want to type it.
  • She wakes up talking every morning lately.  It's the cutest thing.  Maybe ever.
The weather is warming up, so we are looking forward to lots of outdoor activities in the near future.  The girls and I will be planting flowers soon, and Chet has some backyard plans in the works.

Grey goes in for her new speech evaluation tomorrow morning.  We prayerfully decided we need to be back in speech.  She just hasn't been able to catch up, and does well with her wonderful speech therapists.  I am praying this year has big things in store for our big girl.  She struggles emotionally when she is unable to communicate with us, which breaks our hearts.

I fly to St. Louis Thursday-Sunday for a Nerium convention.  Daddy will be on daddy duty...eek! :)  I know they'll have so much fun, even if I am going to be in tears every day missing them so much.

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:57

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