Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our new home sweet home!

God's hand in our home search was evident in every turn this weekend.  We loaded up the car early Sunday morning to take a look at homes all over the DFW area.  I already knew which home I wanted, and prayed the entire time that if it was God's will for us to have it, we would have it.  It was in a multiple offer situation, but I knew it still could be ours:).  The girls were truly DREAMY the entire car ride.  It could not have gone any smoother...they were actually troopers throughout the weekend.  That was the BEST part of the entire trip - two happy girls!!  WOOHOO!!

We fell in love with the town of McKinney.  It is safe, clean, not dead in the middle of "city" (aka traffic), and happens to have the cutest town square outside of Fredericksburg that I have ever seen in Texas.  I just had a peace that we would get our dream home.

--- Side note:  We took a family walk the day we decided to accept Chet's new job offer, and I told Chet [I'm random] that I would love to plant a big magnolia tree in our front yard in Dallas, since the weather is more conducive to growing them there. ---

We drove up to the home that would become ours, and low and behold, a MAGNOLIA TREE!  God is always in the small details.  What a sweet reminder of my Father's care and love.

 The home is so great for us.  I feel it's meant to be.
Even Grey kept saying, "My home!"  She even tried to get on their daughter's bed in the "pink room" and said, "My cute bed!"  (Oops!  We had to learn a few new lessons on being in other people's homes!)

We have a guest bedroom upstairs, complete with a "media room" (I know, RIDICULOUS) that I will host my Nerium trainings in.  The Nerium trainings thing is really just a way to justify something so silly and over the top as a media room.  ;)  Chet is already imagining Tech games on that screen. 

The two things that drew me in the most were the kitchen and fireplace. 

God had his hand in them accepting our offer.  We are so grateful and know this home on earth is more than we need.  It's a privilege.

We had a fun family mini vacay in Dallas Sunday evening and Monday.  Chet and Grey swam the entire night away Sunday evening at the hotel pool (Rose and I didn't last quite so long in the cold water).  Since our offer was accepted, we spent the day Monday exploring the area and visited the Perot Museum, which was amazing.  We ended the day enjoying dinner with our friend Blair.  Perfect mini vacay day we needed so badly.

 Rose's FIRST official swim.  I was such a lame mom this summer. 

This little princess turned 34 weeks on Monday, but since we didn't arrive home until 2am, I snapped this yesterday.  She will turn 8 months on Saturday.  It's just crazy.

Rose's latest accomplishments include wearing the same size diapers as Grey (size 5!!), going from her stomach to a sitting position on her own, sleeping better (thank goodness!), and being able to feed herself with the baby food pouches. 

We close on our home here on September 15th.  We close there on the 17th, and move in on the 19th.  Praying for a smooth month ahead with all we have going on!

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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