Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break---an eventful week!

I'm so blessed to work in the education field, as we still get a spring break. I'm also lucky Chet owns his own business, so he could take off too! :)

Sunday and Monday I repainted the dining room and painted our master bedroom. It felt so good to get that done!! Tuesday we put our house back together and cleaned/packed. Wednesday we drove down to Houston to visit our good friends Brittney and Sean.

Thursday we drove around downtown Houston and then decided against the zoo once we realized how bad of an idea it is to go to the zoo on Spring Break. So we chose to walk around the pretty Arboretum for awhile. That evening, sweet Britt and Sean took us to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to watch Pat Green. The rodeo was unbelievably HUGE---even bigger than I expected!! It was neat to watch a rodeo since it's been a long time since I've seen one. (Although, we did watch the saddest thing during the chuckwagon races: A horse fell and got trampled on by the other horses, and ended up terribly tangled. I think I didn't breathe for like 20 minutes while they untangled it and helped it. I felt nauseus and wanted to cry.) Other than that, it was GREAT though, and Pat put on quite a show!!!

On Friday, the boys played golf while Britt and I did some much needed SPRING SHOPPING at Kohl's and the Galleria. I had my first experience at the Cheesecake Factory and now have a new favorite restaurant!! We went to a cool restaurant/bar called Onion Creek that evening with Brittney's brother and friends.

Saturday we drove to Brady to visit my sister's family and some great friends, the Shuffields. We stayed until Sunday afternoon, which was NOT long enough at all! I get so sad every time I have to say goodbye to the Ballems!! :(

Overall, Spring Break 09 was AMAZING!

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