Wednesday, August 24, 2011

North Carolina, Hurricane Irene, Running for WATER

The second we spotted the lush North Carolina countryside in our plane's window, I was ecstatic and a little emotional.

Everything is so gorgeously green here.  Maybe I have been in dry, drought-stricken West Texas for too long, but's GREEN.

There is WATER everywhere!  It's a PERFECT setting for a run that is all about clean water!

The Holden Uganda Family 5K Run/Walk officially kicks off three mornings from now.  I cannot believe it's actually here. Our run coordinator, Amy M., has worked tirelessly for 6 months on this run.  She has a team of people who literally give me goosebumps.  They are all unselfishly working for the Kingdom- praying, giving, dedicating their time, etc.  I absolutely cannot wait to hear of the grand total the runs here, in Snyder, Michigan, Colorado and Arkansas.  What a perfect way to celebrate Holden's life in heaven: building at least several water wells!!  (Teams in each of those other locations are also working tirelessly for the Kingdom.  It almost makes me dizzy to think about!)  Get ready to learn of all this soon!

Some of our trip highlights thus far:
We made our connecting flight in Dallas, although there were certainly doubts and some practice running required.
Our luggage wasn't so lucky.
My dear friend Whitney met us at the airport and has allowed us to borrow her car all weekend.  I loved our [too short] convo and look forward to more this week.
Not having any plans for today and tomorrow, so leisurely driving through the historic towns with my handsome man all the way to Wilmington.  Hunger pains made us speed up a little...
After eating a 6am breakfast and getting to skip lunch, (see connecting flight above), we found a very yummy place called "Elijah's" on Cape Fear.  Fresh seafood and sunset on the water is hard to beat.
Chet enjoyed some ice cream from a little place off the boardwalk.  He said it was some of the best he's ever had, but I think that could be due to jet lag.  It was the cutest quaint little shoppe though, and it made me wish (for the hundredth time) that I liked ice cream.
The Smiths rescued our stranded luggage on their way into Raleigh.  I am forever grateful for the toothbrush and everything else my bag contains.
Hurricane Irene has made more of an impact on our friends back in Texas than people here.  I assure you we are safe and sound.  The locals haven't mentioned it once.  The weather is calm and pleasant.  We are not staying in a high danger town.  We will be off the beach when it hits.  Anddd... the race is safely inland (Fayetteville).
Chet's theory is that we should appreciate getting to experience rain! :)
We happen to serve the One who creates hurricanes, so this race is protected.
We brought our Canon camera with us, so hopefully we will have good documentation of this experience.  I will post the tons of photos when we get back to Texas next week!

I can't imagine writing today without mentioning that today is the one year marker that Holden's friend Reese has been living in perfect Glory.  I have thought non-stop about Reese, Reese's family, and what kind of profound impact she and her mommy Mary Beth have made on my life, and thousands of other lives.  Reese and Holden share a heavenly birthday week, which makes me believe there is a humungous celebration going on right now.
Happy Birthday beautiful girl.  I am glad I have eternity to learn about you one day.

Chet and I realize we would never have boarded the plane this morning, had our life not taken this path.  This trip is quite bittersweet, although more sweet than bitter.  It is a picture of how GREAT and TENDER God's love for us is.  I stand amazed.

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  1. Oh, it was so good to "hear your voice" through your blog tonight. I just caught up on a month's worth of posts and was nodding my head in agreement on SO many of the things you said. I think often where I would be if it wasn't for Chase's life EXACTLY as it was...and just as you said, it is truly bittersweet. But, oh how thankful I am to be broken for the things God is broken for. I just LOVE YOU and I love what this weekend of celebration is all about. Celebrating your sweet son's life, as well as the thousands of other children's lives that are saved because of God's great faithfulness in "making all things new" even in our losses. Praying for you always...and wishing I was running beside you this weekend! Can't WAIT to see pictures!