Monday, October 24, 2011


It was just discovered that our google mail server for Holden Uganda had not been delivering all of our emails from about October 1st-October 23rd. If you emailed us and did not receive an answer, PLEASE forward your email again. I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience, but we do not want to miss your important emails. Contact Sarah at, Chet at, Kara at, Darci at and JD at Thank you very much!

This month has been so busy around here that it took me a while to figure out this email problem.  I really just thought that October was a slow contact month, and that my emails would pick back up in November.  I am so embarrassed to admit that!

We have been going absolutely non-stop for weeks, so I am looking forward to a quieter upcoming weekend...I hope!  October is always one of our craziest months, but adding quite a few extra things this month has made it fly by.  I am hoping this next Saturday will be one that we can enjoy the best weather West Texas has to offer and have a peaceful, quiet day! 

One of the highlights of our month was celebrating our nephew Kayson's 5th birthday last weekend.  Here is a photo of the darling (I mean fierce) pirate and his little pirate brother. 

Please write us and we will write you back!  Sorry again for the inconvenience.

For He satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.  Psalm 107:9

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