Thursday, October 13, 2011


My heart has been so heavy for several new Hope Families I have met and/or learned about recently.  I know our Savior has walked each and every step ahead of them.  I know He has prepared their lives perfectly.  I know He created each Hope Baby perfectly and without any mistakes.  I know His plans for their lives are infinitely more perfect than we could imagine.  I know the Hope Babies are in His very presence.

I know this, but I still ache for the many new families who walk this journey.  Please join in me praying for very precious families who have said goodbye to their babies this week.  They need peace and comfort and healing physically and emotionally.

A year ago, the beautiful little girl, Gwendolyn Hope, whose life inspired Hope Mommies was someone her parents waited expectantly to meet.  What humungous plans God had for her life!  After weeks like these, I feel amazingly blessed that God has allowed Hope Mommies everywhere to reach out and share love with others.  If you are interested in encouraging women (and families) through this beautiful ministry, please visit Hope Mommies online.

This evening, as I thank God for new life and His redemption in our lives, I also thank Him for allowing us to focus more on where our treasure should be.  I have learned much about real treasure.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  Luke 12:34


  1. I can not begin to tell you how humbled we were that you were able to come here last week during one of our darkest hours, to sit and to pray for our family of whom you had never met. I look forward to getting to know you better, and although we both wish we didn't have to meet under these circumstances, I am thankful for you, and for Chelsea, and all of the other mommies I hope to meet one day. Thank you again for sharing your time, and your heart, with us. We were so touched and are so blessed by you.

  2. Kim, your family has humbled and inspired Chet and I so very much. It was such an honor to spend time with your family and the Rideout's family. God is so perfect in His plans to bring people together. You have not left my heart for the last few weeks.