Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pregnancy - over halfway there

I am going to attempt to document this pregnancy better for our daughter to read one day.  I know I have not done near as much this time around in terms of documenting and photographing, and I want our girl to know she has been loved more than words.  My goal is to do this every four weeks or so from here on out.

My sweet friend Megan gave me a book called Love Letters to My Baby.  It has been tremendously helpful to have a way to track the pregnancy and I would recommend it to any expectant mom, especially Hope Mommies.

Size and development of baby:
Just like her older brother, this little one has always been on the larger side at her ultrasounds.  I am always relieved when I see that she is growing on track!  Baby Center says she weighs over a pound now.  We will find out exactly how big she is at next Monday's ultrasound, but I am guessing she is going to be 19-20 ounces next week (I always like to guess). says she is about the size of a papaya.  Since papayas are not readily available in West Texas during the winter, I was not able to buy one this week to feel the weight.  Instead I am posting a photo I took off their website:
I am feeling her movements every day, my favorite part of being pregnant.  She dances most in the early morning hours, from about 5am-7am.  I adore feeling her precious choreography while I get ready for the day, although I am able to feel her randomly throughout the rest of the day as well.

If I were to guess, I would think she is laying sideways where her feet are on my right side.  I know she is moving around and doing circles and flips all day, but I feel most "kicks" low on my right side.  Chet can feel her move too...such a sweet moment of our evenings!

According to what I have read, she has all facial features formed that she will be born with.  I love imagining what she looks like!

How I am feeling and changing:
As each day passes I am more at ease.  It would be a lie to say I was completely "okay" and peaceful about this pregnancy, but I am grateful that when I do get worried, it is usually quickly replaced with a genuine peace from the Lord.  I know she is being formed perfectly by her Heavenly Father, and that He has already planned each minute of her life from the beginning.  For me to stress about it only makes me miserable, so I daily "hand her over" to God.  The battle of faithlessness is something I fight with daily, struggling to place all my confidence in our Creator.  If I go a a long time without feeling her move, I am learning to pray more instead of freak out.  This pregnancy has taught me a lot about my walk with the Lord, and He is already using my daughter's life to mold me.

Physically I feel good.  The second trimester is much kinder than the first.  As with any pregnancy, I get tired more easily than usual.  I was far greener this time around than my pregnancy with Holden, although I have nearly no nausea anymore with food...a wonderful feeling!  (Some smells still make me sick.)  I am even drinking my one cup of coffee a day.  I was beginning to wonder if I would ever enjoy my favorite beverage again.  :)

...Actually, I think all pregnancy symptoms have been stronger with our daughter, than with our son.  They say every pregnancy is different, and it's definitely held true!

My nails are growing faster.  This is just plain miraculous to me since I have never, ever had strong nails.  This has even motivated me to get a monthly manicure.  I wouldn't want to waste the fact that my nails are prettier after all. ;)  My hair is not growing any faster, and my face is still breaking out...but it is all extremely worth it!

I have a definite bump, though not as defined as before.  My weight gain seems to be more spread out this time, but I still love that I have do have a bump.  I am gaining about the same that I did with Holden, even though Chet says I am gaining less.  He knows what to tell his pregnant wife. :)

Being pregnant in the winter is great!  My hands and feet have not swollen at all yet, and I can sleep without being miserably hot.  I am probably speaking immaturely on these topics, so I will have to re-visit this in February.

I view this pregnancy 180 degrees different than I viewed my first.  I am trying to enjoy every single moment, even when I am fearful and stressed.  Weight gain has not bothered me at all.  Using a hefty portion of my paycheck on gasoline to drive to my very-often appointments has not bothered me.  Even being more "restful" is something I am learning to appreciate.

Amazing the love mommies can have for their babies when they haven't even held them yet.

I LOVE that you already know your little sister and know exactly what she looks like.  I imagine you and Jesus talking about her and how much you love her.  You probably even know exactly when she will take her first breath on earth.  I dream that her eye color is your eye color, and I look forward to seeing her eyes every day.  
Your life has made her life so much more special to us.  
One day soon we will be repainting and decorating the room we had planned for you.  It is difficult to imagine your handsome little nursery being a girlie nursery, even though I know if you could say something to me about it you would probably tell me to be happy because of where you live now.  
Our love for you never ceases to grow.
Hugs and Kisses,

I will listen to what God the LORD says; He promises peace to His people.  Psalm 85:8a

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