Friday, September 28, 2012

27 Weeks

There is no motivation on earth to get me working quickly like this little 27 week love:
Man do I MISS this little face when she's at daycare.  But being at daycare today means something we are so happy about: she's feeling GOOD again!  Our sweet girl fought the nasty viruses for three weeks+.  What a breath of fresh air for our family to be back to our healthy normal selves again!  Windows have been open and I have bleached/lysoled/steamed the house like crazy!  Good riddance to all germies and bugs.

27 Weeks was an exciting week for you!  Namely:

  • Your FIRST TOOTH made its debut!  After 3 months of drooling, gnawing, chewing on everything around, fussing, slight fevers, swollen gums, etc...a tooth appeared on Monday, after a coma-like nap (over 3 hours)!  Since this is a BIG deal, I will note that you were exactly 6 months and 2 days when your first tooth showed up! :)  And might I say, taking photos of your tooth isn't a piece of pie. 
  • You are giving us kisses and hugs when you know we will put you down.  Manipulation?  Coincidence?  I don't know, but I think it's ridiculously adorable, and you usually get to stay in our arms for a little while longer.  
  • You are learning to be a "big girl" and sleep on your own more.  We are pretty much not fans of crying it out in our family, but last night we started "Sleep Boot Camp".  This means we are going to work on you learning to self-soothe a little more, and fall asleep out of our arms on occasion.  It's tough, but we are going to slowly ease this program into your routine...without letting you cry it out more than a few minutes at a time.
  • You are loving blocks and a toothbrush to play with!
  • You can't be contained if you are on a "roll" (literally)!
  • You caught your first stomach bug this past week.  I don't even think I need to comment on what a cold with the addition of a  stomach bug is like.  :(
  • You have been working on "talking" more.  Most of your 'words' are forms of a squeal or a scream, but I love listening to your [loud] stories.  You also make a "huhuh" sound that is sweet and quiet and you vary the tone to it when you are sharing.  Precious sound...and it's even more precious to hear because it is usually right when you wake up in the morning that you talk like this!  I need to record it so I can always hear it!
I wrote the above blog yesterday, but am just now sitting down to post the pictures we took last night on here: :)
 We had a dinner with some Holden Uganda contacts at a gorgeous ranch.  Grey enjoyed her first "rock climbing/hiking" experience. 

 We had a VERY quick "weekly photo shoot" since we were on our way out the door to the ranch!

And while I'm posting, why not two from this morning:

Morning stretches start a rainy day off right!

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.  Matthew 5:9

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