Thursday, October 4, 2012

28 Already!

Yes, it's been 28 weeks since the day we met our daughter!  It's October, my favorite "Texas month" (i.e. one of the only months the weather isn't sweltering hot or freezing cold), and my little love is growing like a weed.  I stared at my office calendar today and just wondered how I could let time pass me by like I have.  I am really excited about this month!  We are going to take Grey to the pumpkin patch and corn maze soon, head to Brady this weekend for cousin Kayson and Tisha's birthdays, host friends here for Tech games, and spend many days at the park enjoying cooler temps and colorful leaves.  (There are a few trees here with leaves that change colors.)

I have been terrible about getting the real camera out for her weekly photo shoot (that happened like three times ha), especially since Grey goes to daycare on Thursdays so I can work.  In fact, today I didn't even do any sort of photo 'shoot' per-say, so I will just include a random assortment of pictures I snapped with my phone throughout the day.  They're actually a nice snapshot into what our Thursdays look like lately:
Ready to head to daycare this is STILL hard for me to leave this face.  Gosh.  I can stare at her sweetness all day.

 This is what she is like after daycare; won''t let go of me and is super snuggly.  It melts my heart.  She is not sleeping in the above picture.  She is just snuggling.  (Yes, I know this is an awful photo of myself, but I thought I would include an honest photographic journal of what a busy, 'working from home and in sweats' day looks like.  Makeup is obviously minimal.)
 And she reaches up to give me lots of kisses.  These I cannot get enough of.
 And wants to know what I am doing at all times.  We are curious curious curious!  (Yes, I know Instagram edits those baby blues...but in the sunlight - as they were when this was snapped - they are pretty close to this color!  I am beginning to be convinced we have a blue-eyed girl.)
And this evening Grey had her first experience with "Stage 2" baby food!  She loved it!  In fact, I would have scraped the jar if it were up to her.  This kid takes her food serious.  Like can't-eat-baby-food-in-public kind of serious.  (Oh you're right - it's not homemade.  Thanks for noticing!)

I take better pictures all through the week it seems, than on Thursdays.  Maybe one week I will not be in a time crunch, and post pictures from the whole week like I used to! 
Grey is at such a curious age!  I love that she wants to be a part of everything we do!  She wants to try everything we put in our mouths and will throw a fit exhibit a bit of grumpiness when we won't let her try something! ;)

At 28 Weeks:
  • You celebrated your Daddy's birthday on Monday!  We sang and danced to Happy Birthday a lot, which you laughed at every time.  He had to work all day, so we sent him pictures every hour of us wishing him a happy day.
  • You have gone up to size 3 diapers!  We are still using your size 2 diapers up, but we won't be buying anymore of them.  I think it's time we face the are growing.  Your 6 month check up is next Tuesday, so we can see just how big you are then!
  • You graduated to stage 2 baby food.  Well, I guess you did that a long time ago when I let you try any vegetable (and some fruits) I was eating myself. ;)  You haven't tasted anything you don't like yet, and I am so happy about that.  I am trying to give you 95% vegetables, with only a rare treat of fruits, so that you have a solid love for veggies before you get spoiled with the sugary sweetness in fruit.  Your two favorites by far are green beans and squash, although you will devour anything.  The other day you tasted my steamed artichokes and loved them too.  Mmm mmm mmm.
  • You are on the verge of crawling.  I definitely think October is the month you will be crawling.  You can get up on all fours and rock back and forth.  You have made a few forward movements, but not enough to be "officially" crawling yet.  
  • You still prefer rolling all over to get somewhere.  We are already baby proofing our living room, since you roll into everything.  
  • With a little help you can stand up on furniture. 
  • Your hair fuzz is returning.  Woohoo.  I have been feeling it like crazy.  I am a little partial to your cute fuzz.
  • You are not picky about the taste of formula mixed in your bottle anymore.  Your palette is allowing for more variety, thank goodness; that fight was a tough one.  This is also good since I am officially done pumping, and you will be using up the freezer supply of my milk.
  • You are still not talking as much as other babies your age, although you do babble and make cute sounds.  We know you will say words when you are ready to!
28 is a special number in our family, just as this 28th week of getting to know the little person God has entrusted us with has been so very special.  For some reason the 28th week of pregnancy with Grey stands out in my mind so was the week I kept reassuring myself that if the Lord decided her birthday was going to happen early, then it was likely [with medical intervention] that she would be okay.  There hasn't been a '28' I have seen in two years that doesn't make me think about our firstborn.  Sweet number.  I have loved loving you infinitely Grey Danelle! 

The Shuffields took our family photos a few weeks ago when Joel's family was in from California.  Here is a sneak peak:


Save Your people and bless Your inheritance; Be their shepherd also, and carry them forever.  Psalm 28:9

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