Thursday, October 11, 2012

29 + 6 Month Stats

I was not a great picture taking momma today!  In fact, I am embarrassed to say this is one of the only pictures I took all day!  After Grey got back from daycare, she was exhausted...and so was I.   But I did get to snap this one while she was laughing.  (Toofies captured was a fun bonus!)

Grey had her "6 Month" Well Check (at 6.5 months) on Tuesday.  I am so glad she didn't react as poorly to this set of vaccines as she did from her 4 month set.  She ran a slight fever yesterday, but that was it!  Her stats:
  • 14 lbs. 7 oz. - 20th percentile (Those chubby cheeks and thunder thighs can be deceiving...our little girl really isn't very heavy.  She also has quite a small frame, so I am sure that is another reason she is low-ish on the weight scale)
  • 25 1/4 inches long - 30th percentile (I was shocked to see that she had grown length-wise!)
  • 16.6 inch head - 50th percentile (Her head is growing a lot --- making room for all that brain!) ;)
Beautiful girl, at 29 weeks:
  • You are scooting forward more and more and are getting up on all fours.  You can get to anything you want with a combination of rolling and scooting.  
  • You are fighting sleep for over an hour at night before finally giving it up.  We always say, "At least she is a cute monster!" =)
  • Everything goes in your mouth.  Everything.  
  • You have started eating baby food up to three times a day.  You are loving it, and I think if it were up to you we would skip bottles and just eat table food and ice water.  
  • You are a social butterfly!  I've only known of about 2 people you have ever not been excited to greet!  No matter your mood, you almost always smile at people. 
We had a wonderful time celebrating cousin Kayson and Tisha's birthdays in Brady last weekend.  Grey truly loves her family and is absolutely enamored by children.  I wish it could've lasted longer.  This weekend (starting tonight) we have friends staying over to watch the Tech game and hang out.  I am so glad Grey is such a people person, and is always wanting to "talk" and play with everyone! 

I am trying to slow things down for us this fall, but that has seemed impossible.  We do remember to enjoy each minute though...I know they are all gifts.  Chet and I have loved getting to know our daughter and grow in love as a family each day.  We hope to participate in the Memorial Walk for Babies in Midland on Sunday.  What a difference it will be to have full arms at this year's walk. 

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1b 
[I had a different Scripture in mind, but after feeling so tired while typing this I clicked over to Bible Gateway and this was the daily verse.  Perfect.]

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