Friday, January 11, 2013


We are 10 weeks away from a BIG birthday party! :)

I may or may not be already buying birthday party stuff. ;)

Then I ask myself HOW it is possible that I can be planning a 1st birthday?!

At 42 Weeks Grey is:

  • Giving the SWEETEST bear hugs!  She wants to be scooped up and will envelope us in the hugest, sweetest hugs on earth!
  • Adding tons of word sounds to her vocabulary!  She says, "lala, nana, yaya, dada, mama (sometimes), uh oh! (all the time), whoa!, wa and ba."  We think we even heard "puppy" a few times when she was talking to Luke and Rusty through the window, but that of course is debatable.  ;)  Her favorite word is "UH OH!" before and after she makes a mess.  
  • She is super attached to me (Momma)!  I can't even leave the room for 10 seconds without a breakdown most of the time.  This is usually okay, but I have realized how luxurious 10 minutes of bath time sans kid feels. ;)
  • She loves playing peekaboo still, and especially laughs hard when she crawls up behind us and we turn around quick and say, "BOO!"  She knows how to play games now and initiates them all the time.
  • Refusing purees and baby foods.  Okay, maybe she has been refusing them for a few weeks, but we have come to the point that we can no longer offer even one bite.  She must feed herself, and wants little chunks of foods.  Her favorites are broccoli and blueberries, but she loves sweet potatoes, apples, bananas (finally!), kiwis, peas, carrots, avocados, green beans, peaches, cheerios...pretty much nearly anything.  The one food she refuses on most occasions is pears of all things. ?  
  • Following many instructions, like, "let's put your arm in this sleeve" and "let's go in the room".
This is SO my favorite age.  She's amazing.

The LORD is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him; Lamentations 3:25


  1. I think you'll say that about every me :) Loving the 15 month stage right now, watching him learn SO much yet still needs his mama a lot :)

  2. Awww! She and Miss Brooke could be such good friends! Brooke loves uh oh too- she says it all day! But recently since she has learned, "outside," she says that too for everything. She is at the pointing stage and loves for u to tell her the name of everything she points to! So fun!!