Saturday, February 23, 2013

11 MONTHS! (& 48 weeks)

I could have been okay with skipping this blog entirely.  I don't like that it is my second to last monthly blog before my sweetie has a BIRTHDAY!  Today is one month exactly from her party!

Chet and I said the other night how crazy this year has been, and even more crazy that it's been a year since we were praying over our daughter in my womb each day.

Thursday at 48 weeks

I don't normally post EVERY outtake attempt, but I thought today we should get a little glimpse into what our 11 month photo shoot was like.  Daddy helped to make us can see how that went:

Well. At least she's happy.

At 11 Months & 48 Weeks:
  • You have hit a major growth spurt again!  You can reach anything on our dining table and counters.  I forget this fact too many times and realize you have pulled everything off.  You are growing out of your 9 month clothes and even jumped a SHOE SIZE - to size 3!  This all happened in the last week or two!  You weigh right at 18 pounds!  This 18 month Holden Uganda onesie always makes you look bigger to me.
  • You love to clap and try out new hand signs.
  • Your snuggles are cherished even more.  Because you are on the move most of your day, when you walk up to me with your nose wrinkled smile and wrap me in a huge bear hug, my heart skips a beat.  Or several.
  • You run the show.  Literally.  You are always on the go.  I may put a pedometer on you and see how many miles you walk each day. It's crazy.
  • You are trying to communicate through tons of baby words with us.  You babble all kinds of "sentences" and seem frustrated when we don't understand you.  We love your adorable voice.  When we can sit down as a family and enjoy dinner together, you talk the entire time.  We love it!
  • You dance every time you hear music.  This pretty much makes me laugh all day long.  We have literally close to 100 videos of you dancing.  Auntie Carrie babysat you last night while we went on a date, and she took QUITE a few videos of it too.  Your moves are hilarious.
  • You are eating almost everything.  We are still avoiding lots of meat and processed foods, though there's hardly anything you won't devour.
  • You have been able to hold your bottle by yourself since you were only a few months old, but you still prefer us to hold it.  I am a touch worried your transition to "big girl cups" may be a little upsetting to you when you realize I am not going to hold it.  
  • You prefer Momma (me) a lot, especially with strangers.  You are really going through a "stranger danger" stage.  
  • You have 5 teeth, with 3 more about to pop through!  
  • You are in a GREAT routine for our family.  You wake up very early for a bottle, but oftentimes go back to sleep if we let you sleep in our bed.  You eat breakfast around 7am.  You take a short morning nap around 10:00am.  You have lunch at 11:00-ish.  Your afternoon nap is a little longer, and you usually fall asleep around 2pm.  You have an early dinner around 5:00pm and bath around 7pm.  You are usually asleep by 8:00pm and sleep in your crib peacefully until 4am when you know we will pick you up and feed you in our bed.  4-6am is a sweet time for us, since we all snuggle as a family. :)  I don't mind if you do this at 12 years old. ;)  You still have about 4 bottles a day, in between meals, and often before you sleep (yes, we don't adhere to the Babywise "eat, play, sleep").  
I had no idea a year could be filled with so much fun, work and laughter.  I am extremely grateful I get to spend every day watching Grey grow, teaching her and learning about my Savior's love for me through her.

We bought more birthday party supplies on our date in Lubbock yesterday.  I am so thankful to plan a 1st birthday.  God is so good.

If you say, "The LORD is my refuge," and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.  For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.  Psalm 91:10-12

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