Thursday, February 28, 2013

2 1/2 years in heaven and 49 weeks in our arms

Holden has now spent exactly 2 1/2 years in Glory.  I always think of his life in "human terms".  I think of him as a toddler, making messes, talking up a storm, learning to throw and kick balls and probably being potty trained.  Obviously all of those are likely not a real part of his life (except the talking), but it is just how I think of him.  What peace we have knowing his life is perfect right now.  We love and miss you always, our sweet son!

What a gift we don't take for granted to have Holden's little 49 week sister in our arms today!  

I didn't take a lot of photos today, and we were VERY comfy (not even a bow).  She wanted to dance and play instead of read during story time, which is very typical Grey behavior!

Our family suffered the worst stomach flu we've ever experienced this past week, but we are finally okay and Grey is back to her inquisitive, happy self.  Praise God!  Stomach Flu 2013 is truly a nightmare.  It was the sickest Grey has ever been, absolutely scary and awful. 

Your milestones are particularly fun this week, our darling Grey:
  • You are giving us "high fives" and "low fives"!  This is adorable.  We crack up.  You crack up.  ;)
  • You are pointing the symbol for "1" (index finger) most of the time when we ask you to (of course, sometimes things have to be your idea).  We are trying to get you to do "1" for everyone by your birthday. 
  • You are running up to us and giving us kisses!  This is so sweet and I cannot get enough of your precious loving kisses!  I don't ever want this stage to end.
  • You wore tennis shoes and took a walk with us outside for the first time.  You just looked so grown up holding our hands around the neighborhood.  
  • You are still dancing to any music, and even create your own music to dance to.  
  • You are squealing at Henri.  We think it is your version of a "meow", but Henri is unconvinced.  ;)
  • My sweet girl, you are in SUCH a "Momma hold me" all the time stage.  I try to not be weary through this, recognizing how precious each minute holding you is.  Still though, it's certainly one of your most exhausting stages for me yet.  
  • If I can't hold you when you want to be held, or take away an off-limits item, you throw fits...very dramatic ones.  Daddy and I know you are testing your will and independence, so we give you reasonable boundaries, attempt to calm you with soft words, and continue with what we are doing.  I love how smart you are, though a fit or two is thrown in there with that. ;)  Can we say toddler?  No, I am not ready for that word yet,  my little BABY. 
Thank you Jesus for humbling Yourself to come to earth as a human and die the worst of deaths to atone our wretched sins, so that we have the promise of eternal that Holden has that eternal life right now.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of a daughter to raise on this earth.  We have two children who give us so much joy in such different ways.  We are so very blessed.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.  James 4:10

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