Monday, April 29, 2013

Still here -

And no I'm not pregnant ;)!  I have had several ask me lately if that was the reason behind my blog absence, so I thought I better at least type a short blog from my phone during naptime to clear things up! Lol

Life with a toddler is busy.  I have to admit it is still taking me some getting used to juggling life, Holden Uganda, my [very small] part in Hope Mommies, etc while chasing around a VERY active little lady.  I felt like I just had it all managed decently, when BOOM- Grey started running and climbing faster and more athletically than I can!
And I can say that attempting to keep a house "show worthy" with a toddler is nothing short of miraculous!

So no, I'm not pregnant.  I just needed to take a little break in a few areas of my life to keep my sanity.

Grey is at such an awesome stage!  We feel like she is extremely smart and understands almost every conversation (sorry for the Mom Brag, though I assure you this cannot be attributed to anything I have done - all thanks to the Lord for His goodness)!  Chet and I will mention going somewhere and she will grab her grey bunny and run to the door.  I will say, "I have to do laundry first", and she will run to the washing machine.  Nothing gets past this kid!  She is also slowly but surely verbalizing her needs more.  When we don't ask her, she's said MANY words.  But trying to get her to say something without it being her idea is nearly impossible!  She is already trying to climb trees and prefers anything that is muddy and dirty.  We never stop moving.  Before sun up until after sundown.  ;)

One of my very favorite things about this stage is her LOVING attitude.  Grey is always giving us hugs and kisses, kissing her animals, and wakes up absolutely thrilled to see us each day.  She is truly a HAPPY girl - and that is worth any hard moment or day.  I still wonder in amazement how we could be living a life with Grey in it.  God is so good to me.

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