Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday to our precious darling Bop! And all the other milestones I'll try to blog

It's true.  My precious, tiny, preemie baby turned two years old this Saturday.  I was weepy all week as I watched her play.  Time as a mom is simply unfair at times.

I did not want to wait even one more day to blog Grey's birthday and Rose's 3 month birthday and 13 week photos.  You can tell I am a MOM OF TWO when I am combining HUGE milestones like yearly bdays with everything else. ;)  It's already Wednesday night (almost Thursday if I'm honest), and I am sitting at my computer for the first time.

The past two weekends we have had a house full of company.  I love when our home is filled with people we love dearly.  It is wonderful to my heart, and I wish we could host more often.  However, the past two weekends being as busy as they've been has made my life a wee bit crazy.  I am playing major catch-up tonight, and am considering pulling an all-nighter.  Eek.

There are so many photos I've taken this past weekend and this week, I think I may just blog through photos.

Grey's birthday was spent at Jump n Jungle with her friends and family.  She had so much fun, and that is what a birthday is all about. 

I didn't get many pictures of Grey playing, because I was jumping and sliding with her.  She loved it though!  She especially enjoyed cousins Shelbi and Kayson & Cohen playing with her.

Can't beat a cupcake from Cake!

All these wonderful friends and cousins!

Naturally, she wasn't too excited when everyone started singing and staring at her.  Momma's arms calmed her down quickly though.

My precious friend Lindsay, who JUST had twins two weeks ago came! That is a TRUE friend!

After the party, my sister and her family stayed the weekend.  Such fun!  We also had an essential oils party with my friend Robin from California.  It was a blast, but a blur.

My first daughter.  The day I gave birth to you will always be the very best day in my entire life.  (Matched only with your sister's birth)  You have changed who I am.  You have made my life richer than I knew possible.  You are a strong-willed, determined, JOYFUL, giving, loving, caring, empathic little person who I love more than I can ever tell you.  There are not enough books in the whole world to contain the words for my love for you. 
This year has been challenging at times, and you have been through huge changes.  You have moved homes, welcomed a little sibling into your life and mommy and daddy have both started new careers.  Through it all, you shine your happy heart every day.  I love you with all of mine.
Happy 2nd my dear.

At 2, Grey:
  • Weighs 23 pounds
  • Wears 2T clothes
  • Is saying more words and even a few sentences
  • Loves her stuffed bunnies and dolls
  • Loves puzzles
  • Loves the iPad
  • Loves music and dancing
  • Loves Rusty our dog
  • Loves loves loves taking care of Rose
  • Lives with PASSION
  • Is off her paci
  • Is starting potty training (unofficially)
  • Is the sweetest hugger on earth
  • Loves books 
  • Can point to almost anything in a book
  • Says "I ya da" for I love you
I am teary as I type all of this out.  Grey is certainly a handful at times, but there is nobody on earth who can make my heart laugh like she can.  She takes over my entire day (as her sister calmly observes), but I wouldn't have it any other way.  We are READY for the 2 year old stage. xo

When asked how old she is, she uses gusto and points with two index fingers as she says, "twoooo!"

She loves Rose deeply, and is my little momma!
Her shining light brings light into my life.

We are having professional family photos taken in late April.  Her "2 year old shoot" will be then.  

Rose turned 3 months old on Sunday, after Grey turned 2 on Saturday.  Their milestones being so close is fun and crazy! :)  

Can she have an uncute pose?  Really.

Our sweet Rose is truly the cutest baby ever.  And her personality makes her that much cuter.  I swoon over her all day long.  I don't even know how our life would exist without our Rose Catherine in it.  She is amazing.

At 3 Months, Rose:
  • Weighs 11 lbs. 2 oz. (lost a little, but we are stretching out!)
  • I think she's about 24-25"
  • Wearing 6 months clothes
  • Is teething :(  So sad!
  • Laughs out loud all day
  • Loves to watch fans and lights and her crib mobile
  • Sleeps like a champ at night
  • Doesn't nap much during the day
  • Eats almost 4 oz. every 2 hours during the day
  • Eats one bottle in the middle of the night, most nights
  • Holds her head up 
  • Trying to sit
  • Pushing into a stand for short periods of time
Monday was of course Rose's weekly countdown, so these are some photos from Monday through today:

 Rose, you are our family jewel.  You are precious and beautiful.  I believe the Lord's plans for you are so huge, I can barely wrap my mind around them.  You weren't even a thought of ours a year ago, yet it is unreal how our lives are absolutely made perfect with you in our family.  You are the snuggliest and easiest baby I have ever known.  You make me want 10 kids- if only all babies were like you.  You are dreamy and I love you with all of my heart forever.  What a Savior we serve to allow me to be your Momma.  You bless my life in the most profound way.

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