Monday, May 5, 2014

And we have a ROLLER!

Not only do we have a roller, but now that Rose discovered she can roll this morning, she has been rolling every time I set her on the floor. :)  She has already realized she can use her new development to get places.  We are MOBILE!  With two kids on the move, I may be in for it.  Yikes.

I will do my best to video our rolling soon!

Last week was absolutely exhausting, so in my haste to blog, I forgot to include one of Rose's FIRST BITES of food!!  What?!  I know.  Life with two becomes more and more evident.  Here is a glimpse into those first tastes.
ahhhh...where did time go?

Any ways, since this photo, Rose has experienced oatmeal cereal on several occasions and has even ventured into organic peas.  She hasn't been a fan of either, so we are going to wait a couple weeks and try again.  She is still young, and I am not too concerned.  We are mostly just getting her used to new textures and tastes.

This weekend was the most productive and wonderful family weekend we probably have ever had.  We cleaned out the girls' closets, reorganized both of their rooms, Chet built Grey (and Rose) a play kitchen that she ADORES!!, I added a cubicle shelf for toys in Grey's room, finally completed the nursery (or as complete as it will be until we have more $), sorted and washed all the hand me downs we have been given for the girls, took family walks, built dining room chairs (about time), planted flowers and shrubs, mowed the lawn, etc etc. 

We grilled out Friday and Saturday on Chet's new toy. :)
All I wanted for Mother's Day was to plant flowers.  Since Rose is getting dedicated at church next Sunday, and we have plans with friends that afternoon, we decided to plant them yesterday.  I absolutely love fresh flowers in pots.  I really do think it makes my mood better. :)  I am so grateful for this treat! 

Grey's room will be more of the "playroom" eventually.  I am so relieved to have all her toys stored away with a "place to belong".  Grey is such a huge helper and already knows exactly where they all go.  She hasn't even complained yet about picking up her room.  She may have inherited my cleaning tendencies lol. (Thank you Target for cheap shelving and cubes!) 

We moved the bookshelf into Rose's room.  The gray colors clash a little, but one day she'll get to choose her own colors and make a special toddler room.  Second kiddos (or third) get hand-me-downs.  What was once Holden's bedroom set, that was painted gray and white for Grey, is now our sweet Rose's.  It makes sense.  For now I am satisfied and think it turned out pretty sweet.  I know a PERFECT nursery is not what really matters in life.  We pray our daughters grow up understanding things are not what give us true joy and happiness, so we save money when we can!
Oh, and I know the Rose Catherine canvas above the changing table is too high.  It had to be moved since a certain unnamed 2 year old kept kicking it down.  That little 2 year old is begging to be potty trained. ;)

Rose's big milestones this week:
Tasting real food
Crip napping - this is always harder on me than them!
Drinking from stage two nipples
Wearing 6-9 month outifts
Wearing size 2 diapers
Pulling things to her
LOTS of drooling and teething

But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy,  made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.  Ephesians 2:4-5

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