Monday, May 26, 2014

The life of two girls this week - last day of CDO and 5 months!

Every time I blog, I am still surprised this is my life.  It always feels surreal to have two beautiful daughters I get to call mine.  Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for the plans that didn't make sense almost 4 years ago.

This weekend is Memorial Weekend, and Chet's bosses are AWESOME - so he has had all weekend off, even today!!  SURPRISE SURPRISE!  

Rose turned 5 months on Friday!  She is still the happiest baby I have ever known.  Ever.  
Rose, you were not even a thought in our hearts at this time last year, but our home is absolutely so right with you here.  You are joy and beauty in ways I cannot even describe.  You have taught me selflessness through your birth mom.  You have taught me about Jesus' love through plans I never knew could be so amazing.  You have been the easiest, most fun baby to be around, and that just makes everyone adore you.  You wake me up with smiles and no matter WHAT is going on, I just need to be near you to feel your joy.  You are our family's "Baby Rose" forever.  
We love you infinitely, Beautiful.  Love, Daddy & Mommy
 Today is Rose's 22 week birthday :).  We don't have a lot of red, white and blue outfits that fit well, but we found this one.  Nothing like living on a budget...but being SUPER BLESSED by awesome hand-me-downs from the sweetest friends!
 Rose's Milestones at 5 months/22 weeks:
  • We finalllllly found a baby food Rose will not gag on: carrots! :)  She is going straight for "real" food, which may not be so bad after all.  She will taste most veggies and fruit I am eating, but gags on nearly ANY and ALL baby food. 
  • She is trying to hold her bottles by herself.  She can hold it for most of the feeding already.  
  • She can pull toys to her mouth, and even use a spoon "correctly", which amazes us!
  • She is still in 6-9 month clothes, but mostly 9 month!  
  • She is standing assisted, holding on to stuff.  
  • She is attempting to scoot!
Grey had a huge week too!  This first photo is Grey at her friend Pyper's birthday party.  She has had a full calendar of parties this month, and is eating them up.  Cake, cupcakes, icecream, games and friends are right up her alley...
 Grey has obviously had some speech and focusing delays, so we are trying to find things that capture her attention.  Thursday, I decided to paint our little red outdoor table turquoise.  Grey wanted to help, so I allowed her to help...which turned to her doing nearly the WHOLE thing by herself.  (I just assisted.)  We were both in awe at how detail-oriented and on-task she was throughout the entire process.  She loved this project.  I am such a proud mommy, and I cannot wait to find more summer projects to do together.
 Thursday was also Grey's LAST day of regular session CDO!  I cried the whole drive to school.  She has grown up SO much since the first day this fall.  Check out that photo...gasp.  We dropped her off as a baby in August, and picked her up as a little girl on Thursday.  I cannot ever express how much I appreciate teachers who love and teach my daughter.  It'll be nearly impossible to compete with Mrs. Stephanie next year.  Grey has blossomed and adjusted in a way I was not sure would ever happen.  Praise Jesus.
We are enrolling her in a little June school that is mostly a camp-like setting.  She will start in a couple weeks.
We have had the best few days of RAIN!!  Our land was so dry and thirsty.  I am incredibly thankful for the water on our parched land.  We have had several inches of rain during the nights and days, but the afternoons are gorgeous and sunny.  I took my first run in AGES last night.  More like a jog really, but I surprised myself by making it about 4 miles. 

Enjoy your weekend.  Remember freedom is never free.

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