Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Even though God and her family have known Rose Catherine was ours since day 1, we officially adopted Rose yesterday!! 


Such a SPECIAL day for our family!!

I am in awe of every moment from yesterday.  It was truly dreamy and could not have been better in any way.  God was in EVERY tiny detail.  We looked forward to this day ever since September 21st, so having it be more than we ever imaged was too amazing for words.

The number 23 has been special to us (and Rose's birth mom), so having it show up TWICE yesterday was another precious gift. 
Our attorney, Rose's attorney ad litem and Judge Bobo were all so kind and wonderful with our girls and us.  Tisha met us in Odessa and we all walked in to the Ector County Courthouse together.  We arrived to an empty and quiet courtroom, so they gracefully allowed Grey to join us in court.  Chet and I both testified on the stand (a first for both of us), as our girls were perfect and quiet.  (Thank you, Jesus!..and goldfish haha) 
Something that gives me goosebumps still, was that Rose's Attorney Ad Litem literally waived his fees in honor of his new grandson.  The judge announced it and the attorney confirmed it halfway through the hearings; nothing short of a miracle.  Wow.  I was speechless and held back tears.  Then, the court reporter was asked to stand and be honored for her 23rd year of service during our adoption hearing.  It is Rose's 23rd week of life too.  Only God can work in the "little" places like that.  Only Rose's Mighty Heavenly Father. 
After the adoption was finalized, we went to the county clerk's office where Rose was treated like royalty and paraded around.  (She IS pretty cute) ;) 
Walking out of the courthouse as Rose's official parents felt surreal, dreamy and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  We were all smiles the entire way home.  Simply amazing.  Today I woke up in awe of yesterday.

I cannot wait to share all the photos Tisha took of Rose's Adoption Day.  Having her there with us was beautiful to my heart.  Though I will never have "real" parents, Tisha and JJ have been there for all the important things in my life.  I am so grateful for that.  They teach Chet and I much about Godly parenting.

Rose, to have you be legally a part of our family is something I cannot even put into words.  I sit in awe, knowing God had planned you before the world began.  Before your brother and sister were born.  You were always meant to be Rose Catherine Erwin.  Your bubbly, loving, snuggly, content character is exactly what our family needed.  You give your family so much joy.
We love you infinitely.

This is a photo from Monday on Grey's 23rd week birthday:

What a week indeed.  Welcome "officially" to our family, FOREVER, our beautiful little Rose Catherine Erwin. 


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