Friday, June 27, 2014


Oh how busy this week has ended up being.  It's Friday evening and I am blogging what I meant to blog on Monday.  Both girls are battling a tummy bug, so today has been even busier. Oiy vey!  Chet is hard at work landscaping the back yard, so it's been a fun, but very crazy week.

Sweet Rose turned 6 months Monday (and 26 weeks).  Chet and I stand in awe at how quickly her babyhood is flying past us.  As I was at Grey's half-year birthday, I was emotional all day; probably even more so with Rose, since I wrote and sent our first letter and photo to Rose's birth mom.  Imaging our life without Rose in it is almost impossible.  We are blown away every day by God's goodness to us.

Rose was born smiling and truly never stops.  She is amazing.

At 6 Months, Rose:
  • Just started wearing size 4 diapers and 9-12 month clothing!
  • Sits on her own!
  • Loves baby food!
  • Grabs and holds all objects she desires!
  • Loves grunt and "growl", which is super cute!
  • Is drooling and teething like crazy, but not one single tooth has made it's appearance yet!  She ghost teeth.  :)
  • Is usually the happiest baby on earth, but when she does get upset, she gets UPSET.  I mean, it's almost just plain adorable!
  • Is super intelligent, always watching everything going on around her.
  • Prefers Daddy to snuggle with to sleep, and Mommy to feed her.  This has been a trend since birth.
 We love you and every moment with you in our lives, Rose.  We thank Jesus every day for your beautiful, brave birth mommy carrying you and choosing our family to be the blessed ones to be YOUR family. 

He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord
Psalm 113:9 (THANK YOU, LORD JESUS!)

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