Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July 2014, part 1 (and a catch up blog)

What is it with me blogging on FRIDAY!  Maybe I should just accept this and make it my new blog day.  Life isn't slowing down any time I am trying to be okay with late blogging for Rose's weekly blogs. 

Today is Rose's FIRST ever 4th of July!  We have had a great day so far.  We took the girls to the Lubbock parade, and it was the first time Grey actually LOVED a parade.  It was so special to see that.  2 is a great age! :)  Rose was skeptical and watched everything closely.  She never cried (even with the loud noises and sirens), but she didn't exactly "love" it either.  After an hour she was out in my arms.

I am going to attach photos in opposite chronological order from this past week, starting with a few from today. 
Parade fun - Grey just didn't want to be picked up and made to pose. :)

 Loved watching the parade in Daddy's arms!
 The two most beautiful people on earth.
 Rose was not so sure about the parade.  This was her face the entire time.
Our happy girl on her FIRST 4th of July!!
 A little fun with our matching outfits.  Life with girls can be cheesy ;).

Best of buddies!

 Ice cream with Daddy this week!
 Picnics in the park every week have been a fun summer tradition for us!
Last Sunday before church (Grey wanted to wear her 4th dress a little early).
Sadly, the girls have both battled a nasty stomach virus (and drainage) all week long.  They've been in good moods despite it, for the most part, so we are grateful.  Nights have been long though, and we all haven't slept much in a week.  YAWN.  Thankfully we were able to see Auntie Carrie though on Monday.  She's the best nurse practitioner auntie!

And of course Rose turned 27 weeks on Monday as well.  Sweet princess is getting very mobile and even though she hasn't felt good all week, she's been talking more and more.  Such a precious little personality we are blessed to get to know more and more. 

We are heading to Trey and Carrie's house this evening for BBQ and fireworks.  I'll post more pics asap! (Meaning next Friday, ha!)
This week has been productive as we have worked a lot around the house and Chet is hopefully finishing landscaping the backyard this weekend.  We will need to wait for another paycheck to purchase my flower pots and flowers though.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.  Psalm 33:12

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