Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chet has surgery

 We set up the tree last weekend, and the girls love it!!  Both are so good and don't even try to get the ornaments off.  Such sweet sisters! Oh what a joy it is to be their mommy.
 If I could freeze time.
I am a week behind.  OF course.  Today our little princess turned 11 months old, and even had her birthday pictures taken by the fabulous Alexis Hughes (which is good since I couldn't get a single photo of her sitting still)!!  But let's step back a few moments and rewind. :)....

Chet was in Denver this past week until late Wednesday night, made even later due to flights being canceled.  Poor guy had SLAP repair surgery on Thursday morning at 8:00am, meaning his shoulder, arm and entire left side is pretty much out of commission for at least 6 weeks.  I am so grateful for my mother in law coming in Wednesday night to take Chet to the doctor, because Rose caught a NASTY stomach bug and we definitely couldn't have dragged a puking baby to the doctor.  Chet has needed this surgery for a YEAR now.  Seriously.  I am so glad he got it, but that means these past few days have been a serious doozy on our family.  I am worn down both physically and emotionally.  If I am being honest, my mommy and wife patience is in need of major improvement.  I caught the stomach bug yesterday and spent all night pukey myself (sorry).  So after this blog - I am off to BED.

Rose turns 48 weeks tomorrow (and I am blogging 47), turned 11 months old today, and is only one month from one year old.  I just sit here in absolute humility and gratitude to type this out.  We cannot even remember a life without her.  She is just such a gift.  Wow. 

We are planning her birthday, which overwhelms me and covers my heart with a thousand mixed emotions. 

At 11 Months, Rose:
LOVES dancing
Is wearing 12-18 month clothes
Is wearing size 2 shoes
Is wearing size 5 diapers
Is still crawling as her means of transportation
Is almost standing alone
Waves "hi", "bye" and plays "peek a boo"
Is fearless, and always seems to be getting herself into a bump or bruise
Tries to copy everything Grey does (see above)
Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Frozen
Loves reading books and turning the pages
Gives kisses (
Is having an allergic (eczema) reaction to food of some sort, so we are omitting gluten right now
Still prefers bottles for most food, though LOVES trying almost everything now
Can snuggle all day every day

I don't know if it's just pure exhaustion or the fact that our baby is 11 months today (probably both), but I am weepy typing this blog out.  Being a mom is so crazy.  Each stage seems so intense and then it is gone and it is a memory forever.  Grey is my BIG helper in so many ways.  I stare at her and remember when we were snapping her one year photos.  Oi.  She is the most intuitive person I know.  She picks up on anything and helps more than a personal assistant.  I couldn't imagine life right now without her.  Chet woke up from the chair upstairs (he is sleeping there because of his ice machine, sling, etc.) and she ran to take him his glasses without a hesitation.

These two girls make life the best.  I am signing off and going to bed.

 Blessed are those
    whose transgressions are forgiven,
    whose sins are covered.Blessed is the one
    whose sin the Lord will never count against them
Romans 4:7-8


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