Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Them

Meet some beautiful little faces:

Dr. Patrick emailed these photos yesterday.  They are of some African children [children of God] at the Covenant Primary School near Kampala, Uganda.  They are the norm.  They are fetching water for hours each day instead of learning.  This is their life.  Talk about inspiration to run!

Maybe I should warn you this will be a lengthy blog filled with blurry iphone photos.  I would like to share some really exciting things that have happened over the past week.  Can I just say that I am grateful for a husband who is tending to laundry and unpacking right now? :)

Fallen Soldier
A sweet couple contacted me to build a well this past week in memory of their friend, a fallen U.S. soldier, SFC Duane "Tony" Thornsbury.  I get chill bumps even now as I type.  He gave his life so that you and I may enjoy all the freedoms we have.  Now his life is also giving life to many more people.  I cannot think of a more beautiful way for a brave soldier to be honored.  We were all touched immensely to read his story.  Thank you Veronica and Kurt W.

1/2 Marathon for Hope
The day finally came.  The Dallas Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon was yesterday!  I had been like a child anticipating his birthday.  The day before (Saturday), we drove to Dallas and checked in at the Dallas Convention Center.  It was unbelievable and a tad overwhelming.  I was completely stoked to run the next day!

Erin & Blair, Tisha & Jimmy Jim and Chet & I walked around and took in the sights.  There were so many athletic people, and fun vendors.  (Side note: I think I should randomly attend marathon expos to get motivated once in a while.  I was even talked into a Power Balance bracelet, and thanks to Tisha I am now a proud owner of one.) ;)
Saturday afternoon I enjoyed a blessed conversation [and decaf coffee] with Erin about life and Hope Mommies.  That evening we met new friends and had a yummy dinner of carb loading at Cheesecake Factory.
We got to bed late and I couldn't sleep well at all Saturday night.  I woke up at 4am to prep for the day!  (I did happen to think the run was at 7am instead of 8am too...which means I probably would have slept in an hour later had I known.)  We drove to fairgrounds to be shuttled to the start!  This is us driving on the bus...Chet is not a morning person so I had to force that smile out.  He was far less giddy than me. ;) 
Erin, Blair, Tisha and I raced, although Blair completely left us in his dust (finished with a ridiculous 1 hour 40 minute time).  We were SO ready to START!
The three of us stayed together the entire race!  It was amazing to run next to two of my heros in life, and two of the most inspirational people on earth.  Tisha has been a Mom to me, without anything in return.  Erin has been a Mom who loves so deeply that "I want to be her when I grow up".  So running by these two beautiful ladies was emotional.  
We were almost there!
Thanks to the LORD, we made it.  We crossed the finish line together at 2 hours 20 minutes 26 seconds.  

Chet and Jimmy Jim thought they didn't want the finish line to get lonely, so they camped out there while we ran.  Shuffield Photography took lots of photos (JJ, since Tisha was running), so expect some professional photos soon!  

Now a big thanks to YOU.  Because of you, almost an entire well was funded (over $1,500)!  Plus, Hope Mommies was given $339 to spread hope to grieving mothers.  Such a blessing...and makes this soreness/tiredness we are feeling today totally and completely worth it.  

Collection of Friends
Our dear friend and huge Holden Uganda supporter, Darci Robertson, has dedicated her monthly Collection of Friends shopping days to Holden Uganda.  A team of amazing people have joined her to  bring clean water to people across the globe.  This month's shopping day was while we were in Dallas for the run, so if it weren't for volunteers like Darci, Veronica C. and Chet's mom, Leigh Ann, we would not have been able to have a booth there.  Thank you all.  Thank you Darci, thank you vendors, thank you volunteers.  And thank you all who generously gave to make the 2nd month of Collection of Friends a success for HUF!

Darci made the announcement that we will have a Holden Uganda Silent Auction on April 16th's COF!

New Friends
Some new friends we met in Ft. Worth funded an entire well, after asking wonderful questions about Africa, the people, wells, etc.  We are so very grateful!  I look forward to getting the opportunity to send funds in for another well and share pictures of the JOY in the people's faces because of their love.  Thank you so much!!

So the uber-talented Constance, who is creating the Hope Mommies website, is also going to be creating a new website for Holden Uganda.  Project is just starting, so expect a COOL website coming soon!

New Men's and Women's T-Shirts
Jaci with Freely Me Designs has once again given us great t-shirt artwork!  I have a goal to get the tees ordered this week and can't wait to reveal them!

I'm about to head for a hot bath.  I have a lot of processing to do.

This week has been emotional and really, really hectic.  I was in Austin for work last weekend through Wednesday, and have been incredibly swamped.  I apologize if you are waiting on me to reply to you.  I plan to get on top of things a little better this week.

Really it is all worth it though.  At the end of the day my bed might never have been made...but those sweet faces (see above) will be getting some HOPE very soon.  That is eternal.  My wrinkly sheets...not so much.

Happy 7 Month Birthday in Heaven to a precious little guy.

And He brought forth His people with joy, and His chosen with gladness.  Psalm 105:43


  1. Sounds like an amazing few days!!! What beautiful faces....what eye - opening photos. Happy 7 months to your "little man". Take care.

  2. whoa. busy week, sarah. :) i was so honored to run with you! and you are absolutely ridiculous - miss "i'm feeling so great!!" at mile 11. love you and thankful for you, and what Jesus is doing to bring the Father glory through your life!