Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Weeks!

(one day late...this is becoming a habit!)

My sweet husband wanted to surprise me and take Grey's 10 week photos while I was playing bunco last night, and the ones he did snap were precious, but she just wasn't in a photo mood.  Oh well... I think she's even adorably perfect crying! :)  So great of Chet to try, and I love our chubby wubby in this outfit.

Grey spent a very busy 10th week of life!  Memorial Weekend was special, since we had Chet home from work with us for longer than we ever do! :)  Saturday we went to Chet's parents' house and Grey met all of her Erwin cousins for the first time.  We attempted a photo shoot with all the cousins, and that was eventful. ;) ha...Grey was probably the easiest one to photograph.  Some say she might have a little practice in front of the camera. ;) ;) 

Sunday was a church/family day.  Monday we went to Lubbock and met handsome little baby Easton, and our neighbors hosted us for a yummy dinner that night.  

I think babies must come in waves, because there were a ton of babies born around the time we had Holden, and now it's the same with Grey.  Just this week, 5 of Grey's baby friends have made their arrivals, even one this morning!  I cannot help but be overwhelmed with the perfect miracle each one is to their families.  So FUN to meet each one of these little blessings!!  Plus it's amazing to compare their tiny size to our [now] big girl!  It's difficult to even picture Grey that little when we see her next to these other babies.  

Grey Danelle, at 10 weeks old:
  • You are very expressive.  With each stage you go through, I am sure it's my "favorite", and this one is proving to be another "favorite"!  There is no better feeling on earth than to see you smile at me, and give me big open-mouthed kisses.  Your expressions can go from laughing to 'serious face' in an instant.  You are so.stinking.CUTE!  You also have such "searching/deep eyes", that you have had since the day you were born.  I always wonder what you are thinking, because it's so clear your mind is always busy! 
  • You spent the first couple nights in your big girl crib this week.  YIKES.  We are so proud of you, and you are doing well, all considering, for your first tries.  I checked on you every 10 minutes or so, even though I have two different video monitors by my face in bed with me. ;)  (And you have an "Angel Monitor" to detect your heart rate.)  Let's just say it's harder on me with you being across the hallway, than it is on you!  
  • Speaking of sleeping, you are only waking up twice a night - if you feel good!  YAY YOU!  We don't really have a schedule established yet, but your "loose" schedule is:  Bath around 7:30 or 8:00pm and last bottle around 9:30 or 10:00pm.  You usually fall asleep as soon as you have your last bottle.  You always seem to wake up around 1 or 2am, and usually around 4 or so.  You are an early bird, and oftentimes we are up for good after your 4:00am bottle. :)  Good thing Momma likes mornings, and LOVES mornings with you!
  • You don't just like baths anymore, you love them!  Bathtime is quickly becoming one of our favorite family times each evening, since you giggle, splash and melt our hearts with JOY.
  • You are still wearing size 1 diapers, but we have worn a few 6 month outfits!  Cuhrazy.  I actually don't even want to think about you being that big.  ;)
  • And big girl you are!  This is the first week that you have enjoyed "down time" in your bassinet and swing.  Daddy and I attribute this to the fact that your reflux is finally more controlled, and you feel a thousand times better!  Before this week, you never, ever wanted to be in your bassinet or swing, but this week you have kicked your legs, played with your toys and blankets, and seem to like a little independence out of our arms.  
  • You get bored.  You are so active and love learning, so when we sit still for too long you fuss and cry until you have something new to look at or play with.  I think you will be a busy little mover soon!  LOVE that you LOVE learning!
  • Finally have less reflux issues!  Your bottles resemble a 'cocktail', since we have to mix so much in them to make your tummy feel better, but I think it's beginning to work!  PRAISE GOD!!!!  :)
Happy 10 weeks to the sweetest person I have ever known.  My daughter, you are sunshine.

Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy: yea, upon the harp will I praise thee, O God my God.  Psalm 43:4

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