Thursday, June 7, 2012

11 Weeks/2 Month Well Check/4th Anniversary

What a week it has been for our family!

Chet and I celebrated 4 years of marriage yesterday.  The past four years have been filled with joy, fun, struggles and heartache, but we have always been blessed.  I can't imagine anyone I would rather have by my side through it all than Chet.  He is quite simply my true love, and our love has grown tremendously each year.  We have yet to really "celebrate" an anniversary, but we have a goal that by our 10th anniversary we will do something really special. ;)  (Such is life with jobs, etc.)  We did enjoy placing dead LAST in our church's youth group fund raiser Brain Bowl last night - haha.  And we were together.  So that is romantic, right? ;)
With the arrival of Holden, our love grew in a very unique and special way; we learned to support and pray for each other more than we ever had.  With the arrival of Grey, our love continues to grow in a beautiful and FUN way.  I look forward to a lifetime of LIFE with Chet by my side!

Baby Bop (I don't know why we started calling her that, but it has stuck) is 11 weeks old today!  These weeks are speeding up so quickly that I feel like every time I open my laptop I am writing a new weekly blog.  Sweet girl is growing up before our eyes and seems to think she is way bigger than she actually is.  Her 2 month well check was on Tuesday, where she received a perfect bill of health, plus Dr. G said she was "VERY socially developed".  She astounds us with how much she seems to "know" what is going on, laughing and cooing all the time.  My favorite thing lately is how she LIGHTS UP when we pick her up.  Her whole face smiles when anyone will hold her; precious loving baby.  Grey also received her first round of immunizations, and was incredibly tough and brave.  She cried for only about 20 seconds (nurse Kim is a rockstar with quick shots!), and in the words of Daddy, "Wow?!  That was it?  She cries worse from reflux and colic!"  I was much less brave on the other hand... ;)

2 Month Well Check Stats (at nearly 11 weeks):

  • 14.5 inch head circumference - 10th percentile
  • 21.5 inches long - 25% percentile
  • 9 lbs. 11 oz. - 25% percentile 
  • Smiled the whole time (minus the shots), and did not even fuss when Dr. G was checking her over!  
  • Holding her weight and head wonderfully.  She has always had good physical control.
  • Not very flexible.  We've known this for a while, but our little miss has a mind of her own and does not like to be forced into stretching.  Let her stretch on her own, and she is Gumby.  Try to do it to her, and she stiffens up like Tin Man.  ;)

Clearly, she has not let her early arrival or reflux slow her down one bit!

Her shots made her run a low-grade fever for these last two days, but nothing major.  She still acts and looks a little 'under the weather' this morning, but is a happy girl regardless.  Today's 11 week pics:

Bop, your noteworthy "milestones" this week are:

  • You are sitting unassisted (but still leaning on something) perfectly!  Sometimes sitting aggravates your reflux, so we limit it though.  You look so grown up sitting, so maybe it is a good thing we don't do this too often. ;)
  • You are working on getting used to a sling.  You still cry and fuss when in one, but we are getting better!  
  • You have been saying "mamamammama" when you are really upset.  I know you probably do not know that I am Momma, or that you are even saying it, but it's so cute and I LOVE to tell Daddy that 'you said Momma first'. ;) ;)  I am sure you mimic this since I say Momma Momma Momma to you a thousand times a day.  I was determined to have you say it before Dadda or Daddy. ;)
  • You keep socks on!  Silly to add this to your milestones, I know, but it's quite nice to keep your tootsies warm and cozy without you kicking them off.  Your feet still only fit into your one pair of jelly sandals, and not a single other pair of shoes yet.  Whenever they grow, I know you'll be a "shoe girl" with your closet full of adorable shoes.
  • Your favorite places are in our arms and outside - cuddly nature lover!
  • You coo at and reach for your books and toys.  
This weekend Chet and I were able to be a part of a special Tiny Treasures Ministry dinner in Lubbock (the precious ministry through the Covenant Foundation that helped us pay for Holden's funeral), so Grey had her first experience away from us!  Aunt Carrie watched her while we were there, and although I missed her every second, I knew it was good for all of us.  Grey did wonderfully and loved her time with Aunt Carrie!  She also spent time with Chet's mom, "Ahma", last night, so it's been a BIG  week for little G!

Few snapshots from this past week:



In the sunshine, her eyes are so blue!

Top left right before shots, and rest of them right after, loving on Aunt Carrie (our nurse practitioner too!) and happy.

Wednesday (yesterday):

I read the 2 Month Developments paper our doctor gave us, which suggested we do more tummy time. Grey is not a huge fan yet!  Sit ups are tiring!

Blogging is no longer free.  I have used up my free 1MB of storage and had to sign up for a monthly fee to keep adding photos.  ;)

"Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting yo are God.  A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night." Psalm 90:2,4

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary!! What a blessing!! And your little "Baby Bop" grows more precious by the day!! :) Fun to watch her grow!! xo