Saturday, June 16, 2012

12 weeks!

I'm two days late writing Grey's 12 week post, and I'm doing it from my phone!  Let's see if this blog app works! :) It's not allowing me to add pics?? Oh well! Since it's 2:30am, I will list 12 things you were up to this past week, our sweetie: 1. Smiling!  You are a little ham and nearly always smile for our phone cameras.  Convenient when I prefer to take 200 photos a day of your perfectness. ;)  2. Cuddling. Even more than usual.  Just when we thought we had reflux under control, it flared up worse this past week.  This meant lots of snuggling for momma!  As much as I hate reflux, I'll never regret a moment with you honey! 3. Working on a schedule!  This is a tough job at 12 weeks, suffering with reflux, huh?  We are so proud of you though, because you are more predictable around the clock than ever before! 4.  Sleeping better!  If you fall asleep around 9pm, you'll wake up once around 2am and then sleep in until 5 or 6!  This doesn't happen every night, but we are starting to enjoy this trend! 5.  Filling out your size 1 diapers. We may be moving on up soon!  6. Officially hit the "10 pound" mark on the scale.  I may always call you my tiny hiney though. ;)) 7.  Learning and studying all around you.  You have such a serious "learning face".  It makes me smile and laugh when you concentrate so deeply on all your surroundings.  We are in Brady right now and you have seemed to notice everything! 8.  Tried to "talk" to Henri and the dogs and get their attention. Have I ever said you're cute? 9.  Eating nearly 4 oz. at meal times!  We had gone down to 2-3 oz., but your reflux seems to be okay with 4 on occasion.   10.  Well, this might be for your 13 week update: but you will spend your FIRST DAY AND NIGHT AWAY FROM US!  You are soooo lucky to have a Tisha and JJ who love you to pieces and are going to keep you tomorrow so Momma and Daddy can have an anniversary date! :)  Huge step for all of us... Will update with the weekend photos and fun soon!   I love you more than any amount of words can express.  Thanks for being my sweet spirited baby for 2 1/2 months, Grey! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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