Thursday, July 19, 2012

17 Weeks and Birthdays!

I don't even know where to begin on Grey's 17 week blog!  She has learned so much each day, I will attempt to recap some of her big moments!  We've also been "partying" all week with friends' birthdays and my 29th birthday, so it's been a big week for us.

I snapped these two pictures before I laid her down for her nap this afternoon.  Although not the greatest photos, they pretty much sum up this week so they are perfect for this blog.  We are chewing our hands almost non-stop, and laughing all the time!

Grey's two BIG achievements this week are:

PICKING UP TOYS and developing "object permanence" (early childhood definition) - dropping them and picking them back up!  She can do this with her pacifiers too, which is nice - if she remembers she can do it.  She is now obsessed with her toys, and always wants to hold her favorite Sophie, cow or pig.


ARMY SCOOTING across the floor!  [This photo cannot go without noting her fabulous hairdo and daddy's chin. ;))  It also should be said that this was taken right after she yelled, "MOMMA" on my birthday yesterday.  Yeah, I am kind of in love.]  The first time she did her "Army scoot" was on Saturday morning.  I was in the back of the house and Chet shouted, "She's crawling!"  Of course, at that instant my heart stopped beating and I made it to the living room in .01 seconds.  She was not crawling, although she was scooting herself across the blanket.  Daddy still calls claims it crawling.  lol  We were proud parents, and may, or may not have, spent the next 4 hours making her scoot all over. ;)  

Grey's friends Cale and Keegan both had birthday parties this week, and we have learned that our little miss is quite a cute party pooper.  ;)  She can't be blamed for all of it though, since both parties were during nap time.  However, she did LOVE watching the kids, colors, balloons and excitement going on around her.

Cale had a fun John Deere tractor party.  Grey was spoiled by most of the adults there, but especially Mrs. Margaret!  She was so happy in Margaret's arms!

At Cale's party, gazing at all the fun going on.  
 We love our friends Trevor and Mrs. Rebecca!  I "jokingly" say that Grey is engaged to Trevor, although it would be wonderful to me if they really did get married.  I will save this photo for that day. ;)  Grey's face is epic.  She was all partied out by this point.  

Keegan's party was a cool circus party!  Lacey worked hard to create an outstanding celebration...I took notes.  I need to start Grey's "First Birthday Board" on Pinterest now!
The adorable "outtakes" of forcing a baby to dress like a clown. 

 Oh dear.

 (Three photos above courtesy of Stephanie A.)
Grey was the youngest party-goer, and certainly didn't grasp the greatness of the photo booth.  Clearly, we didn't let that hinder us from dressing her up though.

Yesterday we celebrated my 29th birthday by tagging along with Chet to Midland.  It was a fun, simple family day, plus I was able to hold my friend Paige's new little precious baby girl, Campbell.  She gave me "newborn fever" in a fierce way.  No, I'm not kidding. =)
Grey eating her "beef" at Abuelo's.  :)

A couple more photos from this week; I am guessing Bop's nap isn't going to last long, so I don't have time to post all the ones I had planned on.
It takes me 20 minutes to make our bed in the morning.  She loves to lay on the soft sheets and roll and play.  I have no objection to this.  And if I did, I would take one look at that face and say, "You win" any ways. ;)

Drool and spit up?  Yes, please! ;)  You are ADORABLE no matter what is on your face, my sweet girl!

Like I said, Grey has learned so much this week.  Every day she did something new!  

"Big Girl", at 17 weeks you:
  • Are still teething with no tooth yet.  Sorry baby! :(  All the hard work will pay off when you sink your teeth into delicious meals one day.  I promise.
  • Are scooting on your tummy.  This means you actually like tummy time!
  • Are loving toys!  Now that you can hold your books and toys, you want to have a toy in your hand at all times.  I think I am going to take you to Babys R Us and let you pick out a toy or two next time we are in Lubbock.  (Shhh...don't tell Daddy!)
  • Are tasting everything.  I am kind of panicking at how many germs you are ingesting every day.  :(  Yuck.  It's an uphill battle to wash your toys when you drop them 100 times per hour.
  • Are a kissing queen!  You kiss my mouth when I get my face close enough to yours.  I would give up everything I own for these kisses.  They are pretty much the best thing, ever.
  • Weigh 11 pounds 9 ounces.  We made an unplanned trip to your doctor on Friday because of tummy issues (again).  You are knocking on the 12 pound door. :)  So glad you are growing just right!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made!
  • Have started a higher dose of your reflux medicine, which seems to be working.  Kind of.   
  • Prefer Momma's arms over anyone else's.  This is new lately. and although it's sweet to me, we are trying to gently break this habit by allowing a lot of people to hold you.  
  • Are {{gulp}} almost 4 months old.  I've already cried over this.

I woke up yesterday so grateful and overwhelmed that God would allow me to have a baby in my arms this year.  The perfect birthday GIFT.  Last year I wouldn't even let my mind or heart accept that this could be possible.  During my run yesterday morning, I reflected on how God has used each of my children to change me over the past two years.  My 28th year of life was certainly the most challenging of all, yet I grew closer to the Lord and learned how to trust Him in a deep way.  I do not like to admit this, but it took Holden's death for me to fall in love with my Savior.  Last year, my relationship with Chet also grew deeper and stronger in a beautiful way.  Grey's life is a continuance of learning to trust His divine plans and greatness.  Parenting has not been a piece of cake, and I am learning that motherhood has its own challenges to bring to the Lord on a daily basis.  Grey has also given me a greater understanding of how much God loves us.  My love can never mirror the love my Heavenly Father has for His children, yet it feels like it would be impossible to love Grey any more than I do.   This was the best birthday I have ever had, and I look forward to all this year has to offer!   

I am blessed with the best of friends and family, and once again was spoiled rotten on my birthday.

Listen to Me, you descendants of Jacob, all the remnant of the people of Israel, you whom I have upheld since your birth, and have carried since you were born.  Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you.  I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.  Isaiah 46:3-4


  1. Happiest Birthday, Sarah!! So glad you enjoyed your special day with your special girl! I love all her hair bows!! :))) Our "little" girl was a hat girl (couldn't tolerate the headbands). She loved wearing them and looked so cute like your precious Grey! She is growing up way too quickly!! 17 weeks?!? Praising God for all the joy she brings to you an your hubby!! xo

  2. Happy birthday Sarah! And, as always, I love reading about Grey's progress and growth. She's so beautiful!