Thursday, December 6, 2012

37 Weeks

37 Weeks!  That means Grey's been in my arms longer than she was inside of me!  Amazing how much faster the latter 37 weeks have been. :)  I just looked down as I am typing and Grey has our office trash can over her head (note...this trash can has only been used for papers, but it's still gross!).  That basically sums up our sweetie lately!  She is discovering everything she can get her hands and mouth on.  She has toys strewn across our office but she is mostly excited about pulling out all the Holden Uganda merchandise and climbing the desk and file cabinets.

This week has been a very exhausting one for our whole family.  Truth be told I should not be blogging but catching up on the TONS of Holden Uganda work calling to me.  Oh well. :)  Chet has worked a LOT of hours and I have been babysitting all week.  It's fun to have another little cutie pie to play with, but whew...I really... really really look up to moms of multiples.

I did not do an official photo shoot with Grey today, although I did one with Jozee.  ha!  Grey, please forgive me for that one day.  Jozee's mom packed her several cute Christmas outfits, that I just couldn't resist.  Poor babies who stay here.  It's basically 'house rules' to be snapped 1000 times a day!  I did get a few of Grey in a Christmas dress our sweet friend gave her yesterday though.  I adore hand-me-downs:

I snapped this one with my phone earlier this week.  This precious smocked dress was a gift from a dear prayer warrior in my life...and I will certainly be doing a real photo shoot in it soon (of course)! ;)
I am a new sucker for holiday apparel.  Kids change you.
Speaking of kids changing you - the above dress was iron-on hemmed by the wearer's daddy.  True story.  These babies have a way of changing our lives in the most wonderful way!

Grey, at 37 weeks:
  • You want to take off and walk from a stand, but are still cautious.  You babble and scream as if you are saying how badly you want to just do it!
  • You are QUICK.  Oh my.  You could win a crawling race when you want something.  
  • You are following directions!!  We can just SAY "Grey click" (instead of clicking ourselves) and you will do it!  You also can give me your arm when I ask you as I am dressing you, and can "find kitty".  I am SO impressed by this new 'trick'. :)
  • You try manipulating us in the cutest of ways.  When we say "no", you turn your head sideways and laugh.  Oh boy.
  • You spent a couple hours with babysitters on Monday!  They were two sweet ACU students who watched you and Cai so that we could have a Hope Mommies lunch.  You seemed to like them a lot, although you were glad to see me. :)  Yay!  
  • Your hair is getting wavy and a slight curl is forming in the back.  I'm in love.
  • You crack your own self up.  This of course cracks us up.
  • You are the sweetest snuggler when you are finally worn out.  I cherish these snuggles, as they are becoming rarer.  
  • You are truly a sunbeam.
I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me - just as the Father knows me and I know the Father - and I lay down my life for the sheep.  John 10:14-15

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