Thursday, December 20, 2012

What we've been up to at 39 weeks

It was a touch sunny and cold outside to take our weekly photos, but we did it anyways. :)  We were already enjoying some fresh air at the golf course, so I figured it was then or never.

Our first taste of DIRT was delicious.  Momma overreacted big time. ;)

Daddy found us at the golf course and decided to scoop me up.  Momma thinks I look like his clone.

I didn't have the energy or words to blog about Grey's life at 38 weeks, on the heels of the devastating, sickening event in Connecticut last week.  I still have such a hard time "doing" daily life when I think about those parents whose lives are excruciating to walk.  I am incredibly grateful for this little gift in my arms, and I have cherished each moment even more.

Grey, your life these past two weeks (38/39) has looked a lot like this:
  • You are becoming more and more assertive!  You want your way only and do anything to get it. :)  
  • You are very smart!  Our "wisdom" prayers are being answered to the fullest.  You have figured out how to remove the outlet safety plugs, open safety locked cabinets, etc.  If you have a mind to do something, you work at it until you figure it out.  I am glad your little fingers are not strong enough to undo your carseat clasps, because you are certainly giving them your best shot!  
  • Every day you give us something new to be excited about as you soak up the world.
  • You are teething again!  You have a few more teeth wanting to join your existing two, which is making you drool and bite on everything again!  'Everything' includes our brick hearth.  Gag me.  I would rather hear fingernails against a chalkboard and eat liver at the same time.  This is really a big "no no", yet you are determined to get away with it.  Daily.  Or 10 times a day.  Yikes.
  • You are loving the gifts under our tree, or really just anything that is "forbidden".  Tomorrow I am going to start off the day by letting you play with anything you want.  I'm beginning to think the more off-limits an item is, the more intrigued you are by it.  Hopefully my theory will work?!
  • You tried to say "momma" today!  You mimicked the "mmmm" sound over and over. This is a HUGE deal!  WOOHOO baby girl!
  • You tasted a handful of dirt.  You thought it was an excellent dining experience, as you attempted to shovel a second handful in before I caught you.
  • You are a precious snuggler.  I can't get enough.  I wish I could make you sign a contract that said you would snuggle with me every day of my life, forever and ever.
  • You resist sleep like crazy.  I mean, seriously Baby Girl, sleep and you are not best of buds.  Or buds.  Or even acquaintances.  This has got to stop, please!  You will fight from 7/8pm-ish until way past midnight most nights.  You are beyond exhausted but want to PLAY and discover all the cool things that you can.  You are much like me in this matter, so it's something I should not be frustrated with.  We just really need you to get some of your Daddy's sleep habits soon though!
We let you open your first Christmas gift this evening.  It was too cute to watch you get SO excited over finally getting to rip open that "forbidden" paper!  You kept looking at us as if to say, "This is okay?  You aren't saying no-no?!"  Sweet girl, Christmas is going to be so much fun!

We ingested dirt and a little paper today.  Quite a fibrous selection.

We couldn't end this blog without wishing Uncle Joel a VERY HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY!!
We love you Uncle J!

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!  Matthew 7:11

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